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Attack on Izlude [Quest: Crystal in the Water | Private]

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It was a nice day to simply stroll around Izlude. The weather is cool, and the sky is clear blue without a hint of any bad weather. Kenjiro decided to get out of his Inn, leaving the keys to the front desk staff and take a stroll outside.

Kenjiro was about to leave the town when he suddenly heard a scream from a lady in distress. Brave as he is, he quickly ran towards the source of the scream and saw a lady pointing towards and airship bay.

"Invaders! Izlude is being invaded by those scary crystals! Please someone help Jonah fend off those crystals before its too late!" Kenjiro shifted his stare towards where lady's hand is pointing at. Staring at the location, he saw a swordsman, almost similar in age with Richard, just a bit younger, fighting off some crystal like creatures that float towards Izlude, shooting beams at an airship, aiming to destroy it.

Taking his knife off his pocket, Kenjiro as usual impulsively jumped into the battle scene without even knowing the strength of his enemies beforehand. Alerted of his presence and with his aggressive aura, five of the crystals hovered towards Kenjiro, shooting laser beams towards him. Kenjiro tried to evade the shots but was hit on his shoulder with one of the lasers. The hit does hurt, like a scorching flame that burns his shoulder.

Kenjiro decided to run, trying to reroute his enemies. The crystals chased after him, continuously shooting lasers at him, which he successfully evades this time. Being able to access a higher ground, Kenjiro lounged at one of the crystals that he was able to reach and stabbed it with his knife. The crystal was easily destroyed with two hits but dealing with the rest would be a bother. He has to think of way to reach them before they obliterate him first.

The remaining crystals continued to shoot their lasers towards Kenjiro who can do nothing but run and try to look for another route to outmaneuver them and be able to hit them with his beginner's knife. Running along Izlude's beach, he saw a narrow opening between two rocks. He hid inside for a while, waiting for the crystals to follow. Seeing one of the crystals hover lowly, he quickly stabbed the crystal with two successive blows, destroying it then quickly hiding on a crevice inside the boulder to evade the attacks of the other three.

The laser shooting stopped after a while, it's when Kenjiro showed up again, throwing his knife to one of the Crystals. Having been knocked back by the knife colliding to one of the crystals, they aren't able to immediately shoot again giving Kenjiro the chance to lounge forward, hitting one of the crystals with his fist, completely destroying it. The remaining two crystals resumed shooting at Kenjiro, but Kenjiro is now outside the boulder and is free to evade again. He grabbed his knife and ran again towards a cliff. He hid again behind one of the huge boulders, waiting for the crystals to follow him. The crystals appeared above, making Kenjiro run and use some protruding rocks near the cliff to quickly propel himself up and throw his knife again on one of the crystals. The crystal suddenly fell down, giving a chance for Kenjiro to grab it and smash it towards the big boulder.

Kenjiro then ran around the rock to again get his knife and run from the last Crystal who continuously shot lasers towards him. Weird enough, after a few minutes while still in the open, the crystal finally stopped shooting lasers at him. He looked around to see the crystal falling down from the sky. The crystal might have ran out of energy so as impulsive as he ever was, Kenjiro ran towards the fallen crystal but before he can come close, it already crashed on the rocky surface near the beach.

He ran towards where Jonah was fighting previously to discover that the battle has ended. Recognizing his help, Jonah thanked him for his assistance and gave him some zennies as his reward.

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