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Helping Mr. Kato [Quest: Errand for A Blacksmith Pt. 1 | Private]

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Kenjiro walked to his usual route inside Izlude town, stopping by the bakery to buy some sweet bread, then to Mr. Kato's smithing shop to take a peek on his forged swords. He comes by the blacksmith's shop simply to take a look at the different high graded swords that Mr. Kato has forged himself. He has been a great fan of this blacksmith ever since he heard that Mr. Kato is the maker of the best weapons and armors in whole Midgard.

He walked near the forging shop and was surprised to find out that the shop is closed. Even from afar, he already noticed that the shop is quiet, unlike most of the days when he would hear the clanging of Mr. Kato's hammer that hit the ingots that he is forging. He came nearer the store and was surprised to see Mr. Kato hiding in a corner behind his shop. Mr. Kato was surprised as well, but it seemed like he saw a ghost.

"Whew it was just you." Mr. Kato sighed in relief, as if expecting some criminal to perhaps hurt him or do something bad to him.

"Yes it's just me. And what seems to be the problem Mr. Kato?" Kenjiro, with a confused look at his face, quickly asked the old man as he rub the back of his head.

"You see, Lord Arathorn, the greatest Lord Knight of Prontera just gave me a request to make him a high grade sword. I gladly accepted the request because you know, people such as him pay very high prices for their weapons. When I started to work however..." Mr. Kato began to look around the place. Seeing that no one else is around, he continued his talk, but in an even more restrained voice. ...the secret recipes that I use for my forging are all used up. I have an assistant that collects the recipes with me however, I can't seem to find him anywhere. I have been looking for him for a whole day now but still can't find him anywhere. Tomorrow's the deadline for the sword and I haven't started yet, and I can't without those recipes. They are the ones that help me create the highest grade of metal crafts."

Hearing the old man out, Kenjiro decided to volunteer in looking for the recipes. Mr. Kato hesitated at first, as he wanted to keep his recipes a secret but having no other choice, he decided to agree anyway but warning Kenjiro to keep it a secret. With Kenjiro agreeing on his terms, he started to ask Kenjiro to collect some magical powders for him. The powders are being shed off by Creamies on random trees at a nearby forest. He indicated particularly that the power must be as fresh as possible or their magical properties would degrade.

Agreeing on the errand, Kenjiro wasted no time and ran towards the forest of Izlude. He know of the Creamy as very dangerous creatures and even still out of his league to handle however, Mr. Kato told him that the powders are being shed anyway and he doesn't need to fight the Creamies. After hours of looking, he finally saw one flying up on a tree. These creamies sure are huge ones. He observed it from behind and true enough, it began to shed some glittery powder as it hover up a tree. Unloading itself with the powders, it decided to fly away. Hastily, Kenjiro climbed up the tree to get the powders. It did take him quite long as he has to look for a creamy and even hide, waiting for it to fly away. At times, he would get caught but he would skillfully get away.

Being sure of the right quantity of the magic powder he already has, he travelled back to town and approached Mr. Kato, handing him the Creamies' magical powder. Out of joy, Mr. Kato quickly pulled out some zennies on his pocket and awarded Kenjiro for his kindness.

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