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Makes friends with a Poring [Quest: Friendship is Poring | Private]

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It is already at high noon and the sun's scorching heat already filled the town but Kenjiro didn't seem to be bothered a bit. He is used to this heat, having been able to work near a smelting furnace during the times when he was with his father. He walked lively towards the entrance of the small town of Izlude where he heard that swordsmen are being trained. He has always dreamed of being a swordsman himself and wield a powerful sword of his own.

He was about to enter town when a poster near the gate easily caught his attention. It seems to have come from someone named Jasmine and is seeking help of someone to search for something of great value to her. Carrying the poster with him, Kenjiro entered the town, looking for the house of the client as indicated on the poster. After a few minutes of searching, he finally arrived at a small house near a weapon shop where he instantly knocked.

A girl, only a bit older than him opened the door, and is seemingly drying off her face from tears. Upon seeing the poster on Kenjiro's hand though, the girl's gloomy face began to liven up as she jumped in joy and held Kenjiro's hand.

"Finally someone responded to my poster! Please, one of my precious flower pots was stolen by a Poring..." Kenjiro blushed as the girl, who obviously is Jasmin, explained the quest to him while holding his hand. Jasmin told him in details about what the Poring looked like and where it ran off to after getting the pot.

"Don't worry Ms. Jasmine, I Kenjiro would surely return your precious pot with you." Even before finishing his sentence, Jasmine with her uncontrollable joy embraced Kenjiro, making him blush yet again. With Jasmin letting him go, Kenjiro ran off outside of Izlude, wasting no time to search for the Poring as described by Jasmin.

After a few hours of searching, Kenjiro found the Poring that matched Jasmine's description in a small clearing in the depths of the Izlude forest. At first, Kenjiro wanted to simply destroy the creature and get the pot in it but seeing the cuteness of the creature, he instead wanted to take his chance in convincing the creature to let go of the pot it took.

Being used to making friends with anyone, even with animals, Kenjiro carefully approached the Poring and bravely took his chance to convince the creature. At first, the creature gave him some bruises with it's tackle but later on, even the Poring wasn't able to resist his powerful friendly aura. Even without a proper conversation, it was miraculous enough that the Poring simply let go of the pot and gave it to Kenjiro. Kenjiro smiled at the Poring and waved it goodbye.

He walked back towards the town of Izlude, into the house where Jasmine lived and finally gave her the pot. Having full of joy, Jasmine handed Kenjiro a token of her appreciation and closed the door without talking further with him. Kenjiro sighed and smiled anyway, having some more zennies to spend.

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