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Slimes, Slimes Everywhere! [Quest: Errand for a Blacksmith 3/3 | Private]

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Sivraj joyfully received his reward from the previous quest. He looked at Mr. Kato who seem to be still staring at him with a probing look on his face. Kenjiro did not move an inch for this only means one thing, he still needs to finish one more errand for Mr. Kato. He smiled at the old man. "So you still have one more errand for me right? What am I up to this time?" Kenjiro cheerfully asked as he puts his rewarded zennies on his pocket.

"Indeed lad I have errand to ask of you and I promise that this would be the last. You see, after a metal work is finished, I to lace my work with the slime of a Rhoda frog to preserve the metal's good quality for a very long time even without maintenance. It completes the fame of my metal crafts with it's famous long lasting supremacy in quality." The old man's eyes glittered as he narrates the function of the last item that Kenjiro needs to collect. After his speech, the old man quickly pulled out a leather pouch out of the right pocket of his pants and hand it over to Kenjiro. "Here, this is a one litter leather pouch. I need you to fill it with those slime." The old man carefully noting him the slightest details like the behavior of the Rhoda Frog, the location where it can be found, and how he can best complete the mission. "My utmost gratitude once again lad and good luck on your mission!" Kenjiro gave the old man a playful salute as he goes out of town yet again for what the old man said as his last errand.

Hastily, he ran through the thick forest outside of Izlude's town, still carefully traversing the forest as not to disturb wild creatures that are out of his ability to combat. He hid at times behind some trees whenever some wild Creamy or Rocker would appear and get out again when the creatures left. After a few hours of his cautious travel, he finally reached the swamp where the old man pointed him as the Rhoda Frog's lair.

Indeed the rocks in the area is filled with slime but he isn't sure whether their from the Rhoda frog or not so instead of jumping ahead into getting some into the pouch, he waited and observed a bit behind a tall rock. After a few hours of waiting, he saw a huge frog jumping about from the swamp and around the ground area, leaving slimy trails on the rocks where it's webbed feet touched. According to the old man's description, this indeed is the Rhoda frog, the one who's slime he needs to get. He waited till the Rhoda frog leaves the area and once it's out of sight, Kenjiro hurriedly pulled the leather pouch to fill it with the slime on the rocks. It took him over an hour to fill the leather pouch but finally, he did it.

He was about to leave when suddenly, he felt a strange presence. He stopped for a while and tried to figure what that feeling was. A few moments later, he decided to strafe to the left and saw a slimy substance hurl on his side. He turned around and saw that it was the Rhoda Frog who caught him. At his current rank, he has the ability to defeat the creature however, staying a bit longer would only spoil the slime so he instead decided to run as fast as he can to evade every slime that the Rhoda Frog shoots at him. After a few miles of running and evading the creature's attack, Kenjiro was finally able to reach the forest and escape the creature.

It was already night when Kenjiro reached the town. He walked straight towards the blacksmith's shop who again greeted him heartily. Mr. Kato thanked him and gave him his final reward. Mr. Kato went back inside his shop and as a bonus reward for Kenjiro, he let him watch the old man as he forge the sword that the greatest Lord Knight of the Prontera Kingdom asked him of. It was such a joyous sight for Kenjiro who was very fond of swords. And thus he got more that he asked for.

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