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Porings and Sweets [Quest: Poring Baking Time | Private]

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Kenjiro came back in town after a long stroll and a bit of training at the forest. It was another delightful day in this humble town that though is small unlike Al De Baran, everywhere he goes is a picture of relaxation. He does miss his hometown but since he's away and alone, he might as well enjoy what's in here rather than sulking in his despair and loneliness of being away from his family and friends.

He went in the gates and walked the narrow roads of Izlude when suddenly, after a few walks from the gate, he noticed a small commotion at the town's famous "The House of Sweets Bakery". He does commonly visit there when he feels like eating some bread but this time, he seem to be needed for something.

He went in through the crowd and saw the lady baker who seem to be panicking. Pissed off that no one is showing some interest to help the baker, Kenjiro stepped in to see what troubles the baker. Looking at the area where the baker has her eyes on. He was surprised to see the figure of what looks like three porings that were stuck in each other, and had their eyes and mouth joggled up.

Seeing Kenjiro beside him, the Baker started to relate that it all happened an hour ago, when she was baking some pastries. After an hour of baking, some poring suddenly invaded her bakery and ate her pastries. A few minutes passed and three porings combined and ended up as the monster they are both now looking at. The baker was obviously terrified as she talks to Kenjiro.

Calming the baker down, Kenjiro pulled out his knife and jumped towards the kitchen and lounged at the Trio Poring. Alerted of his approach, the Trio Poring suddenly lounged at him, making him thrown backwards the moment it came in contact with the poring due to the their bounciness.

Not willing to give up, Kenjiro quickly got up on his feet and ran towards the weird porings once again. He tried to hit the porings with his knife but the knife simply bounced back. The agitated porings slammed themselves into Kenjiro, again throwing him backwards.

Kenjiro decided to sit for a while, as he watches the Trio Poring wreck havoc at the baker's kitchen. "Don't give up please! My family depends on this bakery to live! Please defeat that thing... whatever that is!" The baker finally burst into tears, breaking Kenjiro's heart.

He got up once again with a tougher face. "Don't worry, Ken here never backs out from a fight!" Wearing his game face on, Kenjiro lounged back at the enemy. Agitated yet again, the weird Poring met him half way but he was able to outmaneuver the porings, running around it. He decided to stand in front of the oven, turning up the fire range to the max. The poring jumped towards him and when it was just a few inches away, he quickly moved out of the way, making the Trio Poring plunge into the oven's fire. Being jelly in nature, the Trio Poring melted after a few minutes of being over an intensive hot oven fire.

Kenjiro turned off the oven and came over the baker, ensuring him that the Trio Poring is now gone. The baker hugged him tight out of joy and then gave him some zennies as a reward. Able to save the day once again, Kenjiro walked out of the bakery, while humming a lively tune.

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