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Kenjiro the Hero [Quest: Stop the thief | Private]

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Kenjiro woke up with indistinct noise of people chattering outside of the inn. There seem to be a big commotion happening outside, making Kenjiro curious enough to take a look. Saying his morning prayers, he jumped off his bed and head outside of the Inn.

Everyone seem to be too busy chit-chatting so Kenjiro simply eavesdropped to find out what's happening. From bits of information that he heard, it turns out that everyone is talking about a thief that is striking in town, robbing precious things from random people. Unable to get enough information from the gossips of people, Kenjiro decided to walk around town to search for a credible and more detailed information.

He saw the police station's town and decided get some more information from there. He entered and informed a police on duty about a theft case that he has heard from town and offered his help to solve it. Upon talking to the police on duty, he was escorted inside an office, where a police by the name of Sergeant Walker greeted him.

At first, the sergeant was hesitant of the help he was offering, seeing that he is merely a child, but with Kenjiro describing some of his conquests, the Sergeant finally decided to give him a try. Sergeant Walker provided Kenjiro with some information, about when and where the thief usually strikes.

Wanting to earn the respect of the officer, Kenjiro wasted no time in starting his moves. Not much used to planning, Kenjiro usually enters battle in a come-what-may manner which most of the time gives him much trouble, which he is able to come out of later on anyway.

He went to the marketplace where the thief is said to usually strike during the time when it is the most crowded. He stood still, vigilant of every people in the market, watching everything that happens around him. He hears through the noisy chatters of the merchants and the buyers who are haggling for the prices and the busy movement of the people around him. Everything looks pretty normal at first when a lady suddenly screamed which alerted Kenjiro. He looked around and quickly caught sight of a man that is running at a rate of at least 7 meters per hour based on his judgement. He carries a purse which obviously belongs to the lady who just screamed.

Kenjiro wasted no time and ran after the thief. Knowing of a shorter route, due to the running he did with the child he took care of the day before, he was able to catch up with the thief before it can full escape deep in the forest. Kenjiro grabbed the thief's clothes, causing the thief to slow down a bit. The thief then lounged a knife at Kenjiro in an attempt to scare him off but Kenjiro simply held the thief's hand, retracing the knife away from him. Kenjiro then kicked the thief's leg, making him lose his balance. Knowing some martial arts move from his father, Kenjiro was quickly able to lock the thief's arm behind him, and pushed him down to the ground. He quickly got the purse from the thief's grasp, tore some piece of the thief's clothes and used it to tie the thief's hand.

Bringing the thief with him, he returned the purse to the lady then surrendered the thief to Sergeant Walker who gave him some zennies as a reward. After being rewarded and thanked for his effort, Kenjiro decided to continue his explorations and went out of Payon town to another place.

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