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Shinestone (Lilim and Sinthoras)

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1 Shinestone (Lilim and Sinthoras) on Sat Sep 05, 2015 2:26 pm

Name: Get That Shinestone!
Rank: E
Reward: 50 EXP - 100 Zeny
Requirements: 250 words
Location: Mt. Mjolnir
Objective: Get the shinestone for Mr. Kensho.
Story: Mr. Kensho, a great swordsman, needs a special kind of stone to make daggerts, as well as totems for his younger generations. Help him by travel to Mt. Mjolnir and find the specific cave that contains this special stone type.
- Meet with Mr. Kensho
- He'll tell you the location of the stone
- Go to Mt. Mjolnir
- Find the cave up near the peak of the mountain
- When the cave is discovered, take some shinestone ore from the cave. Beware of bats and badgers (which is actually very harmless, but still...)
- Deliver the ore to Mr. Kensho and receive the reward

Name:Mr. Kensho
Abilities:He's a very skilled swordsman and a respectful member of the Kensho family.

Lately a great swordman of the town requested for help with finding shinestone to make a special kind of dagger and for totoms for his younger genrations. Sinthoras always was looking for ways to politcaly climb tothe top. He didnt care about helping them. If it gained me more power then it was fine by me. I enter the house of Mr. Kensho. I ask him about the quest .
Sadly i was not the ony one who shoed up. was here too. She was no friend. She never would be. He decides not to put any attention towards her. Mr. Kensho explains the location of the cave adn the shinestone. After the directions are clear we leave him behind and head to Mt. Mjolnir.

WC= 125/250

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2 Re: Shinestone (Lilim and Sinthoras) on Sat Sep 05, 2015 2:29 pm

Lilim was already at the peak of Mt Mjolnir since she had started the mission way before the punk, and had decided to meditate on the peak with the shinestone before leaving to head back to the great swordsman Mr. Kensho. Time went on and she would decided to leavel sliding down the peak to the nearby path right at the exit of the cave. She had traveled up with punk but figured it was best to ditch him after getting instructions and as she was leaving the cave he was arriving 'You disgust me' as they cross paths Lilim would wait for the right moment and at his moment of Blindness Lilim would kick a heavy rock into the back of Sinthoras head sending him crashing into the ground; following up the attack Lilim kicks him into the cave and causes a rock slide to close the entrance " THATS WHAT YOU GET YOU ARROGANT PUNK". Lilim would travel down the mountain feeling pleased with herself that she had finally taught that jerk a lesson. She would hand the great swordsman the Shinestone and collect her 100 zeny.

The day had been a great success, she had met a great swordsman and done him a favor earning his respect and future connection as a training partner while she had also tauglt the stupid punk fool a lesson to not Mess with the devil even if just a representation of fashion sense..Like Lilims horns were real. After this day she had put all her emotions relating to this man behind her and would most likely not see him again.


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3 Re: Shinestone (Lilim and Sinthoras) on Sat Sep 05, 2015 2:29 pm

Lilim was with me. We didnt really get a long so there was some space between us. I walk slowly. As time passed by Lilim disapeared out of my sight. I just keep moving forward. WHen i get tot he intrance off the cave someoen was jst exiting it. It was Lilim. When we crossed paths she said i disgust her. I spi t in her face. She responds by kicking a rock in my back. I fel on the ground. She followed up with a second kick. I land inside the cave. SHe closed the entrance with a big rock. I crawl up back on my feets. I feel with a hand at the of my head. Some blood was on my hand. I turn around to see the entrance was closed. I had not time to worry. I needthe shinestone first. I look inside the cave. It wasnt so hard to find it. It grew everywhere. It was just not notices because of the sun shining into the cave.

I fill my back with it. I then turn around . I started to push agaisnt the stone. Slowly it moved allowing me to get out. I headback to the swordmaster to obtain my zenny. The mn thanked me and sai he would write a letter to the governant for my good services and ensured me he would vote for my plans in the upcomming future.

125+ 236
WC= 361

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