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Quest :Find cat Lilim + Sinthoras

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1 Quest :Find cat Lilim + Sinthoras on Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:25 pm

Quest Details:

Name: Find my cat!
Rank: E
Reward: 100 Zeny | 50 exp
Requirements: 250
Location: Prontera City
Objective: Find the cat
Story: A small kid has lost his cat, luckily, the kid has more money than he has the ability to search for cats, so he's hired you to chase after it
Details: You will chase a cat through Prontera City at the request of Tim Tim, the cat will be fast and hard to catch, making you have to use a creative way of catching it.


Name: Cat
Rank: E
Abilities: It can run away and give you a long chase making you have to make a plan and outsmart it to win.
Role: Objective of quest, catch it

Name: Tim Tim
Rank: E
Abilities: He can hire people to catch his cat
Role: Issuer of quest

Lilim has reached the city Prontera city and is quickly approuched by a young kid by the name of Tim Tim, "Please strange looking woman can you help me find my cat. Lilim first instinct was to kick this kid in the skull and crush him into the dirt for calling her strange but found he herself biting her tongue. [Tim] "The cats names is Nitro Cat and is very stupid, climbing tress with bee hives, sleeping in sinks and worse moewing rubish to strangers" So stupidity runs in the family Lilim thought to herself. "Fine id find your cat but its going cost you 100 zeny". The boy instantly pulled out 100 zeny from his pocket like it was nothing "Done stange looking woman". Lilim picks the boy up by his head, and raises him to her level "Call me Strange one more time and id put my BOOT in your face"..[Tim]"Yes miss". So Lilim headed off in search of this stupid cat.
Word Count = 156/250

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2 Re: Quest :Find cat Lilim + Sinthoras on Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:27 pm

Sinthoras was walking in Prontera city. I was on my way. I was wearing some hunting clothes. I was walking int he direction of the gates of the city. I had no more pirogand- yellow because my dumb slave didnt notice the bottle was almost empty. She ruined my painting. He then thinks bakc at her screams of pain when i stabbed her inthe eyes with his dagger. It calmed him donw a little. He was on his way to hunt in the woods for his pirogend- yellow. On his way he saw a boy and a unusual woman pass by. It was a strange woman. I wondered how her blood looked like. I stand infront of the woman. Forcig her to stop. *what are you two up ? {Tim} : Sir please move we are on our way to find my cat. I give you 100 zenny if you help me find him. Sinthoras looks at the woman. * Sure i will help* The blood of this woman was maby more valuable then my pirogand-yellow. He decides to follow them to search for the cat.
WC: 183/250

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3 Re: Quest :Find cat Lilim + Sinthoras on Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:28 pm

Lilim was looking for the kids idiot cat but just before starting their progress this guy Sinthoras stood in her way, Lililm was so close to killing him right then and their she hated people who were in her way even in small tasks like finding a cat. Though Tims quick reply to him would cause Sinthoras fate be spared. "What a lucky sod " Lilim thought to herself. She looks at the guy head to toe and figured he could be interesting but still he was anoying her "Fine id put up with you, BUT MOVE OUT MY WAY". Lilim would barge passed him making sure to shoulder bash the guy as she moved more into the city to find this cat. The cat was spoted on top of the nearby building "MEOW".
Word count = 289/250

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4 Re: Quest :Find cat Lilim + Sinthoras on Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:31 pm

I heard a meow above me. I look up nticing a cat. It was the most ugly cat i had ever seen. Tim pointed at the cat. {TIm}: Thats him !! NItro come back !! Instead the cat ran away. Sinthoras got goosebumps when i heard the name of the cat. Not only was the cat ugly and naked even his name was horrible. SInthoras looks at Tim . * I cant belive you gave that ugly cat a even worst senario name. I run after the cat . When im near the bulding the cat is. I throw a stone. It forces the cat to jump off the roof. While the cat is falling i stand ont he ground. I cathc the cat. I quickly hold it in Tims face. The cat was angry and scratched his owner in the face. WHen the cat calmed down Tim took the cat over from me. He pays Sinthoras, Thanks me and Lilim for our help. Tim runs happy away with the cat . Sinthoras lifted his hand to the woman. * See you around im going to hunt for a Baro for my paint. *
He disapears int he direction of the city gates.
WC = 378

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