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Bullies shitting their pants (Lilim + Sinthoras {E})

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Bullies job:
Name: Intimidate the bullies
Rank: E
Reward: 50EXP | 100 Zenny
Requirements: 250
Location: Payon
Objective: Escorts Esmond home, and when the bullies come to at you, intimidate them so they leave alone, don't hit them they are only 5!
Story: Esmond has been bullied for several months on his way home from school. Hos mother wishes to help but is too busy with work, so needs you to escorts him home and to tell the bullies to stop picking on Esmond
Details: Esmond's mother stops you as she leaves her house. She thinks you are the neighbour and asks you to escort Esmond home and to tell the bullies to stop picking on Esmond. Head to the school to pick up Esmond. After about 5 minutes of walking the bullies will show up. Intimidate them and tell them to leave Esmond alone. Afterward bring Esmond home and get your reward from his mother

Abilities:Being a nerd

Name:Esmond's mom
Abilities:Worrying about her son

my feet walk on their own. Sinthoras was deeply thinking about important political sthings. How he could climb higher and show the rulers of the land his ideas. A woman was just leaving her house. It was a busy day for her. The bullies who bullied her son Esmond do not make it mmuch easier. She bumps into me. Sinthoras was to busy with other stuff to ntice her. I bump har into her making her fall on the ground. I walk furhter . My feet step n her stomach.I hear a scream of pain. I look belowme at my feet. *Ohh somesreet trash at my feet. What do you want. * The woman is able to stnad up. She didntn knwoher neighbour was that rude. Anywa he needed help. She tells tinthoras that i need to ick up her son for 100 zenny and escort Esmon home. Sinthoras agrees onthat matter. They part ways and i get on my way to the school.

WC= 163/250

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Lilim was contacted eariler by Esmind about being escorting her son home due to being a nerd who gets bullied quite a bit, and so shes agress to help for them 100 zeny though once again she finds that punk on the same mission as her again 'Really Reall you again" As Sinthoras was walking Esmind home,Lilim simply kept behind both of them knowing if anythign went down this punk would lose to the 5 year olds. The gang of 5 years olds show up to provoke the group, pushing Esmond to the ground. Lilim was a little quicker on the draw than Sinthoras. She roared like a lion at their face with a crazy level of anger showing in her face though this was more aimed at Sinthoras than the kids but it did the job. "YOU WILL NOT TOUCH THIS GUY AGAIN OR YOUR NECKS WILL BE SNAPPED LIKE CHICKENS" Lilim would grab a random thug on the street and thrust her foot into his skull sending him flying into a wall "UNDERSTAND BRATS". the bullies would start running and Esmond also wet his pants.

Lilim would flick her hair makings sure to hit the punk Sinthoras in the face "Thats how its done". Lilim returns to wealking behind Esmond and the punk for the remander of the journey. She only intended to stay till she got paid. She really wanted to smack this punk around a bit, and this would be a great opportunity but she wanted the 100zeny.

word count 252/250

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When we weere walking the bullies shwoed up. They pushed Esmond and made their move to push me too. My face did prevent them . It was a look saying tht i would murder them if they touch me. T=it scared the kids. Suddenly that ugly woman starts screaming. She rorared like some wild animal. Sinthoras respect went lower and lower the more time he spend wih this woman. Not only sdid she show her ugly face She roared like soe animal. She tried to look cool by hitting some guy in the wall. The kids ran away. My scream scared them more but it is towards Lilim. * DISAPEAr UgLY BEING* She flicked her dirthy smelling har at me. It smelled horrible. She smelled like she never heard of a shwoer before. *DONT DO HAT EVER AGAIN TRASH * I punch hard in her face causing a bloody nose. W returned Esmond home safely. We get paid and ou paths split again but for how long?

163+ 164
WC= 327

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