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Repairing a house (Lilim + Sinthoras)

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1 Repairing a house (Lilim + Sinthoras) on Sat Sep 05, 2015 1:54 pm

repeair house job:
Name: Help repair my house
Rank: E
Reward: 50 exp | 100 zenny
Requirements: 250
Location: Payon Town
Objective: Help repai[r the broken roof.
Story: After a heavy rainfall, it seems my roof has caved in. I need someone to help me repair it before it rains again.
Details: Find a man outside his house asking someone to help him. He will be a little elderly. When you approach he will tell you the problem. After that grab the supplies and help him fix his roof. After you do he will reward you.

Name: Old Sampson
Rank: E
Abilities: None
Role: Old Man/Quest Giver

A few day past by. Sinthora adn Lilim didnt see eachother for a few days. I was finaly rid of that thing. Lately there was some storm that caused some damamge int he city. One of f the vistims is the old man Sampson. Sampson was sitting outside. His house was destroyed. I was jsut passing by. I laughed at the house and the man. He loved tat destruction.It was a pleasure to see little insects crawl on the ground like the old man did . Simpsonwas old and his ears were not really good anymore. The man thougth i wans saying somethign. He thougt i was concerned about him. WHat obiviously not was the case but he coulndt hear that. Simpson asks Sinthoras politaly if i can help him rebuild the house before the next rainfall.

I think for a second If i would help this man i could impress the city. it would help me to et more power in the city. I agree. I order one of my slaves to gather a group to rebuild the building. Soon they started. I was watching from a distance ordering the slaves around. It would not take much more time before we would finish the building.


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2 Re: Repairing a house (Lilim + Sinthoras) on Sat Sep 05, 2015 1:55 pm

Lilim had a bloody morning when some stanger got in her way asking her for a light, she had plenty of built up anger she just exploded on him, unleashing right after right, left after left not stopping until his face was, wide open ogans coming out with blood pooring out. Once she was done she licked her lips though luckly for her it would turn out he was a wanted criimnal who went around realasing monsters to hurt strangers and she would be rewarded for her efforts in taking him down. Though Lilim just killed him in cold blood and the smell of murder was still on her when an old guy named Old Sampson asked if she could assist in the repair of a building. [

Lilim " Sure id help you...where to" Lilim would be escorted to the building where punky and some strange people were working on the repairs "Oi punky what is your name, getting tired of calling you punky" Lilim starts working on the plastering not really caring for the presence of others she had released her anger eariler in the day anyway.

Most of the job was alreadty accomplished when Lilim walked in though their was still a bit to do, total repairs would be completered quite quickly though the old guy only had 200 zenies to pay for the repair. Lilim "Id take 100 of that" Lilim takes 100 patting the guy and walks off "Have a nice Day".She wouldn't even consider the fact that Sinthoras and multipal others had worked harder than her it was her standard going rate.

Word Count 268/250

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3 Re: Repairing a house (Lilim + Sinthoras) on Sat Sep 05, 2015 1:55 pm

Sinthoras noticed the clown. *ugh that clown is here too. Please stand out of our way we are busy. * That was all i said to her. She asked me for my name. Sinthoras simply ignored her. Creatures like here were not allowed to spea my name with their filthy mouth. The clown helps a little. Me and my slaves did actually everything. Lilim wanst even able to carry a brick . In my mind i only thougth 1 thing. Pathatic. This woman was not even able to lift a single brick. The buildign was soon finished. I get paied . I whip he slaves and order themm to go back home. They run away. Once agin Lilim and i parted ways.

206 + 119
WC= 325

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