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Lilim + Sinthoras mobbing the floor job ( E)

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1 Lilim + Sinthoras mobbing the floor job ( E) on Fri Sep 04, 2015 1:17 pm

Job mobbing floor:
Name: Mop the Tavern
Rank: E
Reward: 50 EXP | 100 Zeny
Requirements: 250
Location: Prontera
Objective: Mop the floors of Pigback Tavern
Story: Pigback Taverns has good drinks, but it is rather dirty. In order to get more customers, Mr. Len needs a janitor to get the place all tidy.
Details: Upon entering, meet with Mr. Len and get your mop. From there, make sure to get every corner of the tavern clean with it. Once done, return to Mr Len to get your pay.

Name: Mr. Len
Rank: E
Abilities: Making good drinks.
Role: Client

Sinthoras left the city. After 5 hours he found a Baro.  I found one. It were dumb animals. Still their long mouth and strong cheeck muslces made it a dangerous predator. I follow i quietly. I was holding a spear and my bow. I follow it to a small runlet. Around the runlet were no trees. The Baro stopped there to drink. Sinthoras puts his spear aside. I get my bow. I calrefully aim at the Baro 's eye. I take a deep breath and hold it. I close a eye. Then i shoot. While the arrow moves i throw aside my bow and grab my spear. I run down at my prey. The arrow lands int he eye of the Baro.  The barrow roars. It turned to the direction i did shoot from . It smellsme but it wa s already too late. A quick stab with my spear ends the life of the Baro. The baro falls down. I tap the blood out of the animal.
*Hehe finally my pirogand-yellow.*

Afte the hunt i feel thirsty nad head to the tavern. When i enter i order a drink. It was already late. The ususal staff to clean the mess didnt show up. The owner asked me to hep out and promised me a good payment. I agreed on it and immidianly started to sobbing the floor.
WC = 225/250

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Lilim had a interesting day, starting out with getting that stupid cat, for that stupid kid though she did meet a strange man and she kept telling herself if she met him again shed kill him for sure. He had really got under Lilim skin getting in her way so bluntly. Though this bubble in her temper would shortly disapear one she had, had something to eat at a local cafe "Awww this was a good hot chocolate and burger"...She would shake the chefs hand before leaving "That was a great job you did earned my respect as a warrior of the spices".
Several hours would pass as she wonder around the city, take it in not sure if she should stay in town and attempt to be social or just head to the wild where she felt much more relaxed and so she entered a bar and almost instantly her eyes open wide, she licks her lips and clinches her fist; it was him the punk from before.....SINTHORAS! her rage was boiling up so hard to control. "I still don;t know your name but your a corps now" she thought to herself as she started to move towards him walking steadyly. [The Tavern Keepr Mr Leon] "Hello lovelly lady what a unique fashion sense you have..could i interest you in 100zeny to help tidy up,, you see my staff diddn't show.
Lilim emotions were calming up as she had been murder blocked once again, first by the stupid kid now by this tavern guy..."Your in my way Mr" [Mr Leon] "500 Zeny is a fair payment". She came so close to removing this random person from her path, but decided not to he did show pride of his buisness by asking for help and so she held her emotions together and decided to help tidy the palce up not saying a word to the Punk across the room.

Word Count = 325/250

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Sinthoras was mobbing the floor. He already did half of the entire room. Then a woman entered. It wa that woman agains from before. That woman who helped me to find that ugly cat. The owner of the taver Mr. Leon asked her to help too. She accpeted the offer. It was quiet. The woman said nothign to me. Sinthoras didnt care. SHe was still a low classed woman to him. Nothign more. She would be a interwesting slave. Some guy just threw his beer on the floor. Sinthors did not accepts this and mobbed the face of the customer. * Sorry i tried to clean your face but you cant be saved . Now get out. * The customer scared ran away. I contieanu with my job. When everyhign was clean we both get payed our promised 100 zenny before they both leave.

225+ 141
WC = 366

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