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Timmy s beatdown party (Lilim+ Sinthoras {E})

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1 Timmy s beatdown party (Lilim+ Sinthoras {E}) on Fri Sep 04, 2015 4:11 pm

Race timmy job:
Name: Race Timmy
Rank: E
Reward: 50 exp | 100 zeny
Requirements: 250 words
Location: Payon Town
Objective: Beat Timmy in a race.
Story: Martha is tired of hearing her son, Timmy, say how fast he is. She wants you to beat him to get him to shut up
Details: Talk to Martha who will explain the problem. After that you need to find Timmy and challenge him to a race. After you beat Timmy, talk to Martha again who will reward you.

Name: Martha
Rank: E
Abilities: None
Role: Mother of Timmy

Name: Timmy
Rank: E
Abilities: Runs at 5m/s.
Role: Your opponent

After the little incident at the farm i went back tot he city. I wnated to take a shower and clean myself. That horrible woman. She would pay at some point. SHe for sure was strong but he was not intimedated. Peopel on the road scared step aside for me. Timmy and Martha were busy. They did not notice me at all. Timmy was like usual talking about how fast he was. He said he was the fastest on the world. It was normal childish talk. Martha got a little annoyed and wishd someoene could learn her son a little lesson. They bumped into Sinthoras. Timmy immidiantlly calls me a slowpoke and screams that he can beat me in a race. Sinthors showed his angry face. Timmy hids scred behind his mother. Martha saw her chance. { Martha: Sir can you please accept the challange to race against my son. He does keep braging that he is the fastest please do something agisnt it. I will pay you if i have to. }
My head nodded. Money was always good. *Alright bratt lets do this*

WC= 183/250

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Lilim was walking down the street when she could hear the punks voice from around the conor about to race someone called Timmy she actually wanted a chance to teach this guy a lesson and this was her chance, she slowly slipped round the corner unnoticed and leaned on a wall before speaking. "Hey Mam if you want your kid to get ground with his ambition id take you up on that offer, that punk their surely is a slowpoke..Can't even close a gate" Lilim had no interest in the boy Timmy but it was an opportunity to make some money, and spoke that punk from the farm, taven and cat. [Martha]" Id pay you both if you race my son and teach him the real world. Lilim smirked staring at the stranger from before whose name she still didn't know.

And so the 100 meter sprint was ready Lilim vs Punk Face vs Little Kid whos name Lilim forgot in seconds was set to go off. "Punk dude your going down".


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Martha stands at the finish. The people made enough spac efor the 3 runners. Sinthoras Lilim and Timmerty were standing ibehind a line that was drawn on the ground. We stoand ready. Lilim said she would beat me. * Sure clown try all you can* Martha was holding a white handkerchief. She counted down. {Martha: THREE.... TWOO.... ONE... START!!!}

Sinthoras speeds away. He used his running style i used when chasig after my pray. Timmy was not prepared for the suprising speefd of bith his opponents. Sinthoras already crossed the 20 meter line when Timmy just started running actually. I increase speed crossing the 40 meters line, the 69 meter line soon he reached the 100 meter. Lilim was able to keep up with him. It was a neck-a-neck race. When i crosed got to the finish and tured aroudn to look at my opponents.

WC= 327

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The race would end in a tie with Sinthoras unique style, matching speeds with Lilims long strides it was a real breath taking race and both Lilim and Sinthoars would face each other knowing it was a tie leaving a bitter taste in both their mouths until they turned around to look at Timmy, he still hadn't even crossed the 29th meter mark. Lilim burst out laughing and would crush his dreams in one word "PATHETIC"...then she would realise the power in them words as Timmy falls to his knees with his reality shattered "Well kid your grow and be faster so better luck next time". Matha would thank both of them and with the race being a draw she pays both of them.

125 +173
Word Count = 298/250

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