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Keeping the kid busy (Mission)

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1 Keeping the kid busy (Mission) on Thu Sep 03, 2015 7:45 pm

It had been a busy day for Wally. He had done a lot of work but the day was still young. He had a lot of time to still do stuff. He decided it was good to keep busy and not just lay around all day. So Wally walked around and came to the park. He wasn't sure what he was going to do here. It seemed pretty busy. A lot of kids were running around. Other people were either training or relaxing, it seemed really nice to him. He looked around and saw a woman who seemed pretty stressed out. Wally wondered how she though to call him, but she soon called him over. Wally wasn't sure at first, but soon gave it. He went to the lady and soon noticed a small boy by her. The lady soon spoke. "Hello. I know this may seem weird, but could you watch me kid for a little while. He is pretty much a handful and doesn't really want to play with the other kids. He likes to play games, but mostly trying to get me to do it. I'll pay you if you do this," she said. Wally guessed that it did't seem hard enough. He didn't know how long she was going to want him to play with him, but hopefully it wouldn't be long. Wally soon turned to the kid. "Ok, how about Hide n seek. I'll let you hide first, and I'll seek. Just don't go to far, ok." Wally said. The kid nodded his head and ran off. Wally covered his eyes and counted to 20. After that he uncovered his eyes. He looked first from the spot he was on. The kid couldn't be seen. So he started to walk around. It took him like a couple minutes but he saw a figure hiding under a bench with some people on it. It was a good spot. Wally walked up to him. "Found you," he said. They did this for a while until the mom finally came back. "Thank you so much, here is something for helping," she said. After that Wally looked around again for something else to do.



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