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Theif [mission]

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1 Theif [mission] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:58 pm

Allie started to walk a path in which she is supposed to talk to some guy and meet up with Videns. What happened nights ago felt awkward to be serious around him as her heart wasn’t sure on how to feel. She didn’t have true feelings for him as in she cared about him, just not love. She sighed softly as she continued on this walk as it was nice out on this very night. She would be wearing her usual cloak of darkness and mysterious being as she would continue. Her eyes haven’t really found the guy yet so she continued on walking. She wondered on what it will be like doing this quest with him, Guardian of Storm.
Her mysterious eyes that cannot be seen saw the one she was supposed to talk to, but no videns as she then waved at Sergeant Walker. ‘’You here to stop the thief?’’ he questioned as she looked at him. She nodded and then shook his hand as he shook hers. ‘’Good! Is there supposed to be another with you or is this it?’’ he questioned again. ‘’One more if you’re willing to wait.’’ She spoke in a calming manner as she also spoke softly. She wasn’t sure on how long he would take to get there, but it wouldn’t matter.

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2 Re: Theif [mission] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 1:34 pm

Videns was walking to fond Allie. They had agreed to go help a man with stopping a thief. The last night they were out was a nice one. Allie seemed kind of up tight and Videns couldn't blame him, he was a bit to upfront and telling her his feelings too soon. But he had to he needed to. They had been friends for years but he always felt more with jer then he would with Larissa or River or even Hikaru. He wondered if he would be a bit late. Videns would try and remember the directions as best he could to the place that they said that they would meet.

After about ten minutes blindly walking he finally found the two. "Hey there i hope i didnt keep your waiting long. Shall we go Allie~ I already know all the details. Shall we be off allie. Lets kick some theif ass. C'min Allie" Videns said as he grabbed her hand softly and began to run to the place where the throes usually stole from.

After barley being there for a moment the thief struck. He to,e a woman's bag. She responded by saying "ahh theif" but at that point Videns had his knife draws and stabbed him in the leg and got the purse back. He returned the purse to the woman and Caledonian theor client, the sergeant and got theor reward. "Nice job allie, see you tomorrow" videns said leaving the area. Je wondered if he should of stayed with allie a little longer but he didn't want to seem to clingy to her. He just went to the forest and played with the animals for a bit.

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3 Re: Theif [mission] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 1:47 pm

As they both went off after knowing that he knew what all to do they went off on their way to where they were to find this person. she wondered on how long it would be but it really didn't matter as she felt his hand drag her along. She would smile within her cloak as they went to do so. After so long they found the person and they took care of it. Going back to the person they needed to go to they then reported and then got paid. Watching Videns go away after that moment they then went their seperate ways and she just disappeared into the darkness.


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