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race [mission]

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1 race [mission] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 8:36 am

Going towards where she must meet a chick named Martha in which she did start walking and looked at the sky. She wondered on what this female wanted and why was it about her son? She was confused but it shouldn’t really matter as she needed the money and whatever it was, she would do it. Her face of darkness would become darker as she got into the shadows as people would stare and they would be ignored. She hummed softly as she then saw the mother and then she waved. She nodded as she was about to hear her say if she was the one that she was going to talk to about helping out. She understood then that what was needed to be done. She was being told by Martha that her son Timmy kept rubbing it in that he was fast and faster than most people in which that would truly get annoying. She agreed to do it as she would then walk towards where Timmy supposedly was. She would half smile through her cloak as she would then stand there. ‘’Whacha need? Wanna race? I bet I can beat you. I can beat everything and one, even my parents!’’ he spoke excitedly as he then went in position. Allie sighed and nodded. ‘’Fine.’’ She spoke darkly as she then turned around and then as he started to count. ‘’1, 2, 3, GO!’’ he yelled as they then started to race. In the end of it, Allie won in which she then got rewarded and she left with Timmy looking at Allie confused.


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