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No more robbing (Mission | Linedwell)

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1 No more robbing (Mission | Linedwell) on Sat Sep 05, 2015 1:26 pm

Wally was in Payon town wanted something to do again today. He had done a lot of work recently and knew he was become stronger. He had recently got himself a weapon as well. It wasn't much, but it would let him take on some harder missions. He would be able to fight things off. He didn't know how comfortable he would be with doing that right now, but he was sure he would get used to it, if he wanted to be a adventure. Wally had been able to train some and knew his reaction time was a little faster as well. That would help in a fight. Wally looked around for something to do today. He walked by what seemed a police stations and he saw a wanted sigh out front. Wally wondered if he could help with that. He walked inside the building to ask about it. A man, who seemed to be in charge, answered him when he asked about it. "Yeah, he is just a petty thief, but we can't seem to catch him. Do you think you can help us. We need someone who thinks outside the box," the man said.


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2 Re: No more robbing (Mission | Linedwell) on Sat Sep 05, 2015 4:16 pm

Like always, Linedwell found himself roaming about the town of Payon for far longer than he'd expected himself to. There seemed to be an influx of jobs in the small town and Linedwell couldn't find it in himself to leave just yet, not when there was so much experience to gain and currency to acquire. Sure the jobs were menial tasks...a majority of the time, but that didn't mean that ALL of the jobs would be as boring as the multitude of others he'd taken days prior. At least, this is what the future mage known as Linedwell Rainrex hoped would be the case. Maybe it was simply Linedwell's bravado speaking, or maybe it was the cheap weapon he purchased only a few hours ago, but surely there was a job out there that was a bit harder than all the rest.

While he thought about all of this, he finally came across the building in which he'd been told about earlier. This place seemed to house a man by the name of Sergeant Walker. Linedwell wasn't exactly sure what this man would need, but given his rank and occupation Linedwell began to assume they'd be doing a bit of work in the name of justice. Linedwell was usually on the other side of this so called "justice" so he began to think that maybe this job would be an interesting change of pace. Before Linedwell could ask about the request details, another man in the room was able to get the question out first, to which the man known as Sergeant Walker quickly replied. He began to describe that a thief was on the loose, and despite their efforts they just hadn't been able to catch the crook.

With all the explanations out of the way, Linedwell and the other male quickly made their way outside of the police station. Once outside, Linedwell realized how quickly it seemed the sun was beginning to set and the area was becoming darker. Apparently, Linedwell hadn't been the only one that noticed this, and because of how dark it had become so quickly, the thief in question ran into Linedwell as he wasn't able to keep track of where he was going due to the darkness. Once the male bumped into Linedwell, instinctively, Linedwell shanked the male about seven times before realizing that this was actually the thief.

"Well, that was lucky."

With the thief in question now gravely wounded, the authorities could now arrest the man and Sergeant Walker paid both Linedwell and the man he'd yet to learn the name of.

WC: 444
TWC: 641

-Quest Completed-


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3 Re: No more robbing (Mission | Linedwell) on Sat Sep 05, 2015 5:22 pm

Another man seemed to joined Wally listening to the Sergeant. The man seemed to want to catch the criminal as well. They both got the details and walked outside. It seemed the sun had set pretty quickly when a man seemed to bump into the new person next to him. He seemed to be quickly stabbed a couple times. Wally was glad that he didn't run bump into this new person. It seemed the man he had stabbed was in face the thief. Wally could tell because he had a purse with him and a lady chasing after him. "Well that was lucky, but a little cruel I guess. Well my name is Wally, thanks for helping," he said to the man. The Sergeant came out and soon handed each of them a reward for helping. Wally remembered after that he didn't get the other mans name.

147 + 641 = 788


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