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bullies [mission]

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1 bullies [mission] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 8:55 am

She started to walk through the streets of the town and into where people started to live for a nice walk. She didn’t really know anyone that lived there but she shrugged shoulders when people said hello. ‘’W-wait!’’ a woman spoke and then waved. ‘’Sorry, wanted to talk to someone between neighbors. Wondered if you could do me a favor.’’ She questioned and put her hand to her hip looking at Allie. Allie looked at her with a blank stare although no one could see it. ‘’What do you need?’’ Allie questioned. The woman asked her to then excort her son home as some bullies were picking on her poor son. The one thing she hated were bullies, people with true disrespect when the one person didn’t deserve it, she would be happy to. ‘’Of course, I wouldn’t mind.’’ Allie says as she then smiled.

Walking to the school she would then see Esmond there waiting as she guessed he was it, the only nerd-looking there. She waved as he looked up at her, ‘’Are you…my escort? You look…so cool.~’’ he spoke as she did look like the reaper in a way. She walked beside him as they walked on the side walk as next thing you know some kids appear. They started to pick on him and then she glared at them. ‘’You know what happens to kids that treat kids like you are treating him? ‘’ she spoke darkly as they then stopped what they were doing and shook their head. ‘’Someone will be watching them in their sleep one day and when they wake up…that someone will then start eating that person alive and BOO!’’ she spoke and flailed at them making them run away crying. She then sighed as she looked at him as he was smiling. He seemed satisfied and therefore she took him home and then got paid as well as she then started to go else where…hopefully those kids learned their lesson…or else she will pay them a visit.


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