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Lets go Timmy (Mission)

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1 Lets go Timmy (Mission) on Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:38 pm

Wally walked around Payon town not fully sure of what to do. He knew he wanted to get stronger and be able to do something in this world. He also wanted to get his name out their and help others. Wally walked around when he saw some kids running around. He heard one shout about how fast he was and took off into a sprint. Wally didn't think it was that fast. He sighed and kept walking. He looked around and saw a woman who looked distressed. Wally decided to approach her and ask her if she was ok. "Are you ok?" Wally asked her. The woman looked to him and replied. "Well my son over their is always bragging that he is pretty fast. I just wish someone could teach him that he is not the fastest. I would, but I am not much of a runner anymore," she said. Wally wonder if those kids he saw earlier was the kid she is talking about. "I think I can race him and beat him," Wally said to her. The womans face lite up a little. It was weird to want your kid beaten in something, but it would teach him how to be humble. Wally walked around until he found the kid again. "Hey, I heard one of you is really fast, how about a race," Wally said. With that a kid walked towards him. "Yeah, I'm the fastest out their. Get ready to lose," the boy said. The soon set up a field to race on. One of the kids friends stood at the start and and the finish. "Three, Two, One, Go," Wally heard and he started to run. He found it funny that the kid was actually slow. Wally soon crossed the finish line. The kid didn't know how to react, but Wally kept walking. He found the mom again. "I think I thought him is lesson," he said. The woman thanked him and soon handed him some money for his trouble.




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