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1 TIMMY PLS on Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:58 pm

Kids, man. KIDS. They didn't know much, and that's why Zane preffered not to deal with them too often. The only time he would deal with them is if they were stupid enough to give him money for some odd job. Like that kid with the cat! Though, admittedly, that odd job was a little bit harder to pull of than he originally thought it would be. None the matter! He would be sitting at the tavern he usually went to for work, when he heard of a job about a kid that needed to be beat in a racer to be shut up. Well, this was gonna be easy. Kids couldn't run fast at all.

Upon meeting the kids mom, first they had a private discussion about Timmy. His mom said that he was one of the more troublesome kids, and always seemed to be braggina about how fast he was. His mom wanted him to be beat in a race to stop this bragging habit. Zane just nodded, and timmy was brought out.

The race would be held in town, from one end of main street to the other. About... 400 meters? Not too hard. Zane and Timmy were at the starting line, when Timmy would begin running. "I'm running at MAX speed, heh." he said, as Zane nodded. Zane decided to start light - 5 meters per second. as the race started, Timmy was going the same speed, THIS was his max speed? Near the finish line, Zane would sprint, going HIS max speed - 7 meters per second. Needless to say.. he won.

and so, the kid whined, and his mom gave Zane money. Not wanting to hear this kid any longer, Zane left with his money in hand.



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