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Lets spring clean (Mission)

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1 Lets spring clean (Mission) on Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:23 pm

Wally still liked the day. It was still nice. He felt pretty good after helping a kid catch his cat. Wally would feel bad for the kid if he lost his cat again, but Wally might not be here next time. Hopefully that wouldn't happen. Wally now needed something else to do. So he walked around and saw a tavern with a help needed sign. Wally wondered what was up with it and enter the place. It wasn't busy right now, but that must be because it wasn't night yet. Their was a man behind the bar and Wally guessed he should ask him about the help needed. Wally walked up to him. "So you guys need some help?" Wally asked the man. The man looked to Wally and seemed to size him up before answering. "Yeah, sadly this place gets pretty dirty with all these people here. I need you to clean it. It might take a little while, but I'll pay you for your efforts. The mop and bucket are over their," the man said. Wally sighed at this but decided to help anyway. He walked over the to mop and bucket and started to clean. It was a sham to waste such a nice day cleaning, but he wanted to help out. After a couple hours Wally finally had to the place clean. He was glad they were not busy because people would of messed it up. Wally walked back up the the man behind the bar. "I think I am done," he said. The man looked around and nodded his head. "Looks good. Thank you and come back and help anytime," the man said handing him some zenny as a reward.



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