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Lets do a game of chess (Mission)

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1 Lets do a game of chess (Mission) on Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:40 pm

Wally was still in the park after his busy day. He kind of just wanted to sit down now. He had done a lot of work today. He would of enjoyed being able to take a rest especially after helping that mother with her kid. That kid just seemed to really be able to play for hours at a time. Wally had to wonder if he had that much energy when he was little. Wally looked around for a place to sit. Wally saw a bench but it was full. He saw an old man sitting at a chess table by himself. Wally wondered if the man was waiting for someone to come play him. Wally was pretty decent at chess, so he was sure it wouldn't be that hard to possibly play an old man, and it would be fun. Wally approached the man who began to speak. "Hello, would you mind playing a game of chess with me. It's been a pretty long time since I've had the chance to play with someone," the man said. Wally thought that it sounded pretty fun. He wondered why the man hasn't played anyone in a while. The old man seemed to let his opponent have the white side, so that means Wally went first. Wally moved out a pawn. "Ah, that was the same move my wife used to make," the old man said. Wally had to wonder why he would say that and the man seemed to catch on. "My wife passed away recently. She and I used to play all the time," the man said. So the man wanted someone to play with him because he missed his wife. Wally thought it was pretty cool to help this man in two ways. The game went on for a good half an hour before Wally was able to say the word, ""Checkmate." It seemed Wally had won. The man soon thanked him and handed him some zenny for his helping him on this. "No problem sir. If you ever want to play again, let me know," Wally said getting up from the table.



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