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Lets rebuild your roof (Mission)

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1 Lets rebuild your roof (Mission) on Fri Sep 04, 2015 2:56 pm

It was a new day in Payon town. It was pretty nice out as well. Wally did a lot of work recently and even though they felt easy to do and their were no fighting, it was getting him used to the life of an adventure. He got to get some experience and depending on what he did, it helped increase his strength or speed, or even patience. Wally wanted something to do again today. It kept him from being really lazy. Wally walked around town. It looked pretty nice out until he noticed one house. It seemed a part of the roof was missing. Wally thought that was really bad. A elderly man was sitting outside of it. He had a ladder set up, and Wally wondered if someone was their to help him. He looked around and noticed no one else. He wondered if someone could be inside. Wally waited a couple minutes to see and still didn't see anyone come out. Wally knew that he should try to help the man. So Wally walked up to him. "Need some help fixing your roof sir?" Wally asked him. The man nodded his head. "The rain from the other day seemed to have finally broken it. Can you help me fix it before we get some more?" The man asked. Wally nodded his head. The man got up to show Wally where the supplies were. "I have all the stuff you need, just not the ability to actually help," the man said. "Thats no problem. I'll have it done as fast and best as I can. Why don't you relax," Wally said to him. After that Wally set to work. He had never really fixed a roof of a house before, but he saw how the rest was done and just copied that. It took about an hour, but he finally got it done. Wally stepped back from the house to look at it. After that Wally walked back up to the man. "I think I am all done. Looks good as new," he said. The man had a laugh at that and handed Wally some zenny for helping.



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