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Scaredy-Bullies [QUEST]

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1 Scaredy-Bullies [QUEST] on Sun Sep 06, 2015 10:24 am

It wasn’t very boring in Payon, so Mura stayed in the town for a while. He walked across the streets, looking at his new knife that he got. It wasn’t a sword, but he was still fascinated by it. You could call it a beginner sword for guys like him, because it was actually his first own weapon if you didn’t count his totem. He tied it on the other side of his belt, where the totem was tied as well, and walked around, trying to find out how to use it.

He moved by a house, where a lady headed over for him. “Excuse me, neighbor, could you please help me for a moment?” she suddenly spoke up to him. Mura stopped for a second and asked: “Eh, alright, I’m not your neighbor though, but what is it?” The worried mother told him: “It’s my son. He’s going home alone from school and I want you to go with him,” she explained as she looked even more nervous than before, “and these bullies are always after him.” That’s where Mura understood the situation; he should follow a little kid home without letting him get bullied. “Okay, just tell me where to go, I’ll bring him back safely.” he replied with a smile.

After knowing where he was, Mura followed him on the way home. “Okay… so you’re my neighbor? Haven’t seen you though…” the little kid, Esmond, said. Mura shook his head and said: “I’m not your neighbor. I’m just a visitor of the town.” They began talking about where Mura came from and what he was doing here, when the small bullies showed up. “Hey look, the nerd got a babysitter with him this time!” one of them spoke up and the rest laughed. Mura didn’t want to cause any trouble, so he showed up right in front of them in an immense speed. They even jumped back of shock to see him show up so fast. “Okay, I don’t want any trouble here… but you let this kid alone.” he told them in a deep tone. The kids began looking at the knife that he got and began trembling. “Alright, alright, we’ll leave!!!” they all screamed and ran away. Mura looked back at Esmond and said: “Wow, they’re easy to scare. Come on, let’s go.” They both headed back for the home.

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