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1 Bullies on Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:36 pm

Why was it that all of the work in this damn country was in, for some odd reason, Payon? Seriously, Zane had saw more jobs here than in the capital. Anyways... after his usual schedule of going to the bar and asking around about possible jobs that he could do around the town, Zane was directed towards a mom that was worried for her son due to the mean bullies in town. While Zane hated kids, he wasn't gonna pass up on this chance to make some easy money. So, he sat up from his barstool, and began to make his way towards the mother's house.

There, the mother would greet him, and bring him in for some tea, explaining the situation. She wanted zane to go and stand at a certain spot where her son would be, waiting for the bullies, and then once they were there, to intimidate him. Seemed easy enough.

Zane would wait at this spot 20 minutes or so before the time was ready to go and meet the bullies. There was the son, and there were the bullies. Before the bullies got a chance to talk, Zane came out from arounf the corner.

"Now, now... I see some of you have been bad boys. Let me tell you one thing - touch this boy again, and I will grab you by your ears and lift you until they rip off... understand?" Zane said, in the most serious and cold tone possible. The bullies would begin to run away at top speed. Hehe... mission success.

Zane would walk the kid home, get his pay, thank the woman, before heading back to his inn.



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