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Bullies >:( [Request]

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1Bullies >:( [Request] Empty Bullies >:( [Request] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:25 pm

Name: Intimidate the bullies
Rank: E
Reward: 50EXP | 100 Zenny
Requirements: 250
Location: Payon
Objective: Escorts Esmond home, and when the bullies come to at you, intimidate them so they leave alone, don't hit them they are only 5!
Story: Esmond has been bullied for several months on his way home from school. Hos mother wishes to help but is too busy with work, so needs you to escorts him home and to tell the bullies to stop picking on Esmond
Details: Esmond's mother stops you as she leaves her house. She thinks you are the neighbour and asks you to escort Esmond home and to tell the bullies to stop picking on Esmond. Head to the school to pick up Esmond. After about 5 minutes of walking the bullies will show up. Intimidate them and tell them to leave Esmond alone. Afterward bring Esmond home and get your reward from his mother

Abilities:Being a nerd

Name:Esmond's mom
Abilities:Worrying about her son

Wow... River has really done a lot of work today. Well, she may as well see if anyone else needed any help. So, River started just wandering around the town of Payon when somebody came up to her. "Um, excuse me, but I need to ask you a favor." a lady said. River turned to the woman. "My son, Esmond, he's been getting bullied at school and I'm scared of his safety. Will you escort him to school please?" River nodded her head. She knew how protective parents could be of their kids... especially when it came to bullying. She remembered the bullies at her school. They never bullied her, but they bullied the other kids. "Esmond!" the mother called. A young boy with a backpack on came and walked up next to his mother. "This nice lady will escort you to school today." Esmond gave her a smile and River returned it. "Now, off you go. We don't want you being late." the mother said.

She and Esmond walked in silence on the way to school. Soon though, after about 5 minutes, a gang of kids came on by and started teasing Esmond. "What right do you think you have to be bullying this kid?" she asked. "Naw, we're just messing with him." one of the kids said. "For seven months? Yeah, that's likely." River said sarcastically. "Now, you won't be bullying Esmond anymore, got it?" River sternly told them, with the dagger eyes look. It was a look that she rarely gave people, but it seemed to do the trick. The bullies backed off and nobody else bothered them for the rest of the trip to school. That was a relief. She returned to the mother who surprisingly paid her.

Word Count: 298/250

Bullies >:( [Request] Rivers14

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