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Play with my son [No Pedo]

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1 Play with my son [No Pedo] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 11:46 am

Only mere hours had passed by before Linedwell now made his towards the park in the town of Payon. He hadn't been in the city long, afterall, and he wanted to get some sightseeing in. Though he'd been in this town before, he never exactly had a chance to smell the proverbial "roses". This was also true for many of his other travels, as he'd only been in many of these places to simply take on work and other odd jobs before he'd leave the town almost as quickly as he'd arrived. This time around though, Linedwell felt as though he owed it to himself to get a feel for the country he'd spent his entire life in. Thus, he was now on his way to the park in order to enjoy some time walking about and enjoying his time in nature.

Well, this would have been the plan, had Linedwell shown up to the park a bit earlier...while attempting to enjoy some time of peace and solitude in the park he ran across a mother and a noisy child. The mother obviously seemed to be at the end of her rope, and once she noticed Linedwell she ran up to him in a frantic manner, expressing how much she needed a bit of time to herself and if he could watch her child for a bit while she relaxed. Before Linedwell could even reply, the woman put some money in his hand and quickly bolted off. Linedwell was taken aback by was the first time he'd been paid for a job he hadn't even accepted, and this job involved a mother entrusting her child to a complete stranger. Linedwell wasn't sure what to do about this, but the child in question stood nearby. Not sure what to do, Linedwell decided this was none of his business.

"Kid, we're going to play a game called "Sit on this bench until my mother comes back". Okay? Once your mom comes back, you win the game!"

With joy in his eyes, the dimwitted child quickly took a seat and with a determined face he concentrated on remaining in a seated position. While the child did this, Linedwell went about his business and continued his walk through the park.

WC: 389

-Quest Completed-


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