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Play Time [Lilim and Sin]

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1 Play Time [Lilim and Sin] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 6:51 am

play with son job:
Name: Play with my son
Rank: E
Reward: 50 exp | 100 zenny
Requirements: 250
Location: Payon Town
Objective: Keep the ladies son busy by playing a game
Story: Ms. Baker wants to have a small amount of time to relax but her son is so active its hard to. She wants you to keep him busy so she can relax
Details: Walk to the park where you will see a woman with her kid. She will see you and ask if you could play with him for a while. Play a simple game with him (tag, Hide n go seek, ect). After a while she will come get him and thank you for your help

NPC 's:
Name: Ms. Baker
Rank: E
Abilities: None
Role: Mother/Request giver

Name: Johhny
Rank: E
Abilities: None
Role: A child who like to play

Lilim had just finished her race with that jerk punk, and it ended in a bitter draw though they did succeed in smoking that stupid kid timmy who didn't even complete 1 3rd of the total distance by the time both Herself and the punk finished. His dreams were smashed and it didn't help that no one was there to comfort him outside of Lilim saying Better Luck next time. Though Martha had contacted her close Friend Ms. Baker informing her of the helpful Pair Lilim and Punk Face [Sinthoras]. Ms. Baker quickly made contact with Lilim in response recruiting her for Babysitting her Kid Johny with the task of playing with him for a bit, while she gets some rest, after Lilim was met Ms. Baker also went to find Sinthoras thinking these two were a pair not knowing that this could of been the worse decision for her kid bringing two people together who could quite easily try kill each other.

Lilim would wait for Ms Baker to leave before grabbing Johhny by his foot and holding him up in the air she would poke him lightly with her finger in the nose, swinging him backwards and forwards, repeatedly. Suprisingly Johny was enjoying this game of swing the stupid kid and poke him. Lilim was finding it hard not to choke the screaming kid.


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2 Re: Play Time [Lilim and Sin] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:06 am

It felt good to beat that bratt at his own game. It was a pity with all what happened. Ususally he would have murdered this child already. Still something held him back. He coiud not execute akid in th e middle of the town. He left the spot . I was on my way home. On my way home i thougth of morder the peopel i met today. I get home. My slaves were busy . They worked hard and didnt look me in my face. They kne the punishment very well. Raleeha was also now back on her feet resently. Helping and seving Sinthoras again. I shout her name. * Raleeha!!* She appeared before me. At where her eyes once werre did bandages cover the wounds. She carefully touched around her. Making sure she would not fall. What cna i do for you master *Make a bath for me ready and a coffee.

I finished the coffee. fter i went to bath. I cleaned myself. After that my doorbell was riniging. One of my slaves opened the door. I was sitting inthe livingroom. The slave yelled that Ms Baker was at the door. I sy she can come in. Ms Baker asks me to look after her son. She would pay me and a nice talk with the governant about me. Ms Baker was a important woman. I agreed. We together left the house but fromt here the ways seperated. WHen i arrive someoene was already playing with Jhonny. *Oh you are here to clown?*

I take Johnny fromher and stated playing some tag game with him. I ran after him. I slowed down in speed. Johnny ran aroudna nd seemd happy. After tag we play a hide and seek game. Then Johnny wanted to play with the clown again. *He wants to play with you agaon clown. Have fun*


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3 Re: Play Time [Lilim and Sin] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:07 am

The kid wanted to play with Lilim again instantly running inside taggin her, "Tag" and continued to run outside, Lilim spearked since this was an oppertunity for her and followed the kid outside chasing him without really giving any true chase. she would play with the kid with different games through out the day switching with the Punk multipal times until Ms.Baker got back and paid them both so they could leave.

Once Paid Lilim would simply leave she diddn't really want an awkward moment with the punk guy, it would leave to random communication or a full on fight and she just wasn't in the mood. She decided it was beast to simply go get something to eat.


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