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Kenjiro the Nanny [Quest: Play with my son | Private]

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Kenjiro was walking the nature inspired city of Payon, taking a huge breath of fresh air as he amble around the rocky road of the town. During his childhood, he would have to get out of their town to experience being close to nature but here, he sees trees everywhere even inside the town itself.

He was lightly walking, aimlessly wandering around when he heard the uneasy voice of a lady, seemingly irritated at something. Following the voice, he stumbled upon a fair looking lady, being bothered by an energetic young boy who keeps on trying to cling at her.

Pardon me miss, but can I help you with that? Kenjiro didn't think twice in approaching the lady and smiled as he offered her some help.

WC: 599

Ah, I would really be grateful if you can play with my son here while I take care of some things The lady, although Kenjiro is still a stranger surprisingly accepted his offer without any doubts. The lady cheerfully motioned her son to run towards Kenjiro which the child, obediently did as the Lady walk back towards her house.

Kenjiro can't help but rub the back of his head, surprised at the weirdness of the situation.

"Hmmmm...what game do you want me to play?" Kenjiro, being fond of playing games, simply brushed off the weird thoughts and jumped into inviting the child for a game.

"Catch me!" The child, with surprising agility ran off away from Kenjiro and disappeared in a thick crowd. Shocked of what just happened, Kenjiro can't help but to sweat hard, unable to find the sight of the child anywhere. He quickly ran towards the crowd where the child disappeared to, searching every corner, every individual for the child. He tried asking person after person about the child, but whenever that person would point somewhere where they last saw the child, he would still be nothing in sight. Kenjiro started to panic, as he was just asked to take care of the child and don't know how to explain it to the woman should he fail to find him. He wasted no time in searching around, sometimes crawling, and even shouting to catch the attention of the child he is supposed to take care of. He ran around the market, entering some shops, climbing above trees, even picking up goods to see if the boy is hiding there, making some merchants scold him.

His heart started to throb, loosing hope until he finally saw the child, peacefully sleeping underneath a tall bamboo grass. Kenjiro sighed in relief and simply picked up the child who has now slept in exhaustion. He walked back towards the child's house and in just the right time when the lady was just getting out of her house.

"Wow! You made him asleep. Whew, when it's me, I would get exhausted first before him. Thanks for the help lad! By the way, I'm Ms. Baker and that is Johnny. And you are?" Ms. Baker asked Kenjiro as she reach out for her sleeping child. "My name is Kenjiro ma'am! You may simply call me Ken." Ms. Baker smiled at him and asked him to stop by again whenever he's around town. She gave Kenjiru some token of appreciation which he gladly accepted although a bit hesitant of taking the reward from the lady. Exhausted himself, he searched for some inn where he can spend the night in.

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