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Lilim Gorgon

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1 Lilim Gorgon on Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:40 am


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2 Lilim Gorgon on Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:41 am

Name:  Lilim Gorgon
Age: 22
Date of Birth: febuary/8th
Gender: Female
Special Characteristics: Two horns at top of forehead, Drilled in brutally at a young age, made from elphant bone. Make her look like a devil.

Personality: Lilim Gorgon a deamon from hell like personality who has an anti-hero complex and has no issue killing and enjoys the feeling of blood and won't waver from any views they have and will simply remove anything in her way. Her goals are often good and could effect the world in a positive light though how she choices to complete the simplest of tasks could be bloody. Very Loyal to those she deems worthy of her though a wrong step could lead to death. Very Honest with everyone she meets even if it means being extremely offensive with hard Truths. Very Strong willed, mysterious, and intelligent.  
Despite the core of her personality when in battle or after battle if her foe has shown strength weather it be with skills, power or even the reason they fight Lilim ill potentially show mercy out of respect and takes every battle seriousllyl this side of her personality does have morals, code of conduct and honor. Can quite poltical if she wants to be.

She enjoys food quite a bit spesificlly meaty food doesn;t matter if its raw.
Doing things right she is a perfectionest.
Blood: She really enjoys blood
1.Tirants or similar people with a false sense of justification
2.Walls - Often found in the way of the fastest route, but illogical to break
3. Scammers or people who decided to change a deal after the fact.
Motivation: Feels like most of the world is corrupt and dirty and needs fixing, with the rubish removed bloodlly from their place.

Height: 213cm
General Appearance: Lilim Gorgon is a very tall woman, with a very plane face lacking a variation of tones though she does use a smidge of makeup to cover it slightly. Her eyes are red with white pupils, with strong red lips, and finally has long red curly hair. Her body is well in shape and very smooth, with perfect breast making her very attractive.

She wears a unique design of clothing which can be said to be compared to that of living organs. Well in fact i was designed like to to really sell the fashion of a devil to scare people. Though the get up looks amazing, really making her a beautiful woman, its only made from a leather mixed with a silk.  

History: Her life started quite normal, playing with family, running through field, helping with the chores and getting an education but this all changed when she reached the young age of eight. A group of evil motivated humans attacked the village killing all but the kids, these kids would be sold to a crazy man in the art of adding things to kids before killing them.  

Lilim Gorgon was no exception though she was the last in line for the experiment and all she could do is wait in fear as her friends screamed in pain, only inches away from he all while mourning the dead of her village. It was finally her turn and the large babbon of a man, face covered in hair.. so much the only feather Lilim could make out was his big fat long round nose.. wearing a white jackets covering him from neck to figner tips, to feat tips.... he was areal mosnter.  Pulling the drill to the Face of Lilim face... It had begun.  Lilims face was being drilled into at the tips of her forhead.. she was screaming in pain, tears of blood pouring out of her eyes. The experiment would take only twenty minutes before completion but amazingly she survived it alive and conscious... The pain had stopped though this chain of events would change her personality for ever.

She grabs part of the floor, pulling as hard as she could braking her fingers, cutting them in multipal places but kept pulling no pain would compare to that drill from here on out.. Success she had pulled up a floor board and used it as a weapon to kille the monster and she ran. For the years to come she would grow into a swordsman ready to kill and chance the world to fit her veiws and desires developing a taste for blood.

RP Sample: Today she is fighting in hell itself, walls of burning solid fire, covering the sky itself as she slashed left and right killing anyone in her way removing their entire existence with her power, it is as if she had been granted gifts from an unknown world called the force around her giving her a six sense and crazy power. Fire was not effective, death itself she ordered around, not to mention the power over men due to her crazy level of sexyness.

Suddenly a hole was created in the skys of hell as she slayed the king himself where a hand grabbed her pulling her up... How will events unfold. The story starts to unfold as Lilim Wakes up in her room at the age of 21 and decided its time to go have her breakfast and start her new journey as a swordsman in this world. "Tottaly forgot i had a guest" she turns to face a strange man who had been enforcing retarded rules of he gets 20% of other people's games at his pub and forced them to buy drinks. "So you like to make people drink..." the guy cannot reply due to being gagged with a blood soaked soak taken by soak used to patch up a wound on his leg infliced by Lilim the day before.... she looks directly into his eyes and licks her lips "I should kill you slowlly".

Face Claim:  Google.
Fairytail event:
If it is an original character, state so.

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