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Lilim Gorgon Arrival in Mt. Mjolnir

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1 Lilim Gorgon Arrival in Mt. Mjolnir on Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:21 am

Its the middle of the night the moon is high up casting a white light ovver the area of Mountain range spread futher due to the range tops being white due to the cold temperatures and rain with snowy blankets .
Lilin Gorden is on her way to the mountain range known as Mt. Mjolnir her whereabouts before this point have often been of the beaten track though now she has made her first steps back to the civilization of the world as she crosses a long bridge connecting a path across two mountains to a small midway village before a nearby city. Lilim can barely see it in the distance as she slowly walks forward.

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2 Re: Lilim Gorgon Arrival in Mt. Mjolnir on Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:32 am

The cold dark bridge that Lilim Gorgon is crossing, seems to become longer and longer as a cold mist engulfs the entire area affecting the sight of everyone inside its reach including Lilim Gorgon she couldn't see a single thing the village, the floor nor where the sides of the bridge ended. "This truelly does such...." Crossing her arms into herself attempting to keep herself warm as the coldness combats her.. she isn't wearing anywhere near enough clothes to handle this sudden drop in temperature, it was cold enough already. Lilim fights back as much as she can reaching the gate of the Village and collapses hard to the ground.
Her true journey has barely started but this could be the end..such bitterness.

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3 Re: Lilim Gorgon Arrival in Mt. Mjolnir on Wed Sep 02, 2015 7:50 am

Several hours would pass with Lilim being unconious passed out because of the cold when she awakes she is back at the start of the bridge,warm blanket over her and freshlly cooked food right in front of her as if someone knew when she would wake up. Lilim would be quite quick to notice all the clues but the conclusion was she was saved but by who. "Can't be from the village the gate hasn't been open in at least 5 days"...still whispering to herself Lilim looks around for any other sign of life their is nothing not even a whisper on the air. "Such a strang situation". Lilim figures who ever saved her is still around and loudlly says "Thank You". She was quite confused but respected the act of one who helped her.

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4 Re: Lilim Gorgon Arrival in Mt. Mjolnir on Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:39 am

For an unknown reason Lillim feels the need to exit the area and head to another town, she stands up quickly and accertively and starts jogging, punching a random stanger who wa already falling in the face, and sent him flying int the ground the oppersite direction he was falling; luckly for the stranger it was soft grass in that direction instead of burning charcol in the direction he was falling. [Exi]

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