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Race Timmy

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1 Race Timmy on Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:27 pm

After such a long day of traveling and wandering, Linedwell finally found himself in the town of Payon. It hadn't been too long ago that Linedwell was in a different city and location entirely taking up many requests in order to get both his name out there and among the masses and while also gaining a bit of experience that he'd lost in the accident he'd been in recently - the pay from these requests wasn't too much to complain about either. Starting from square one for anyone wasn't necessarily something that people looked forward to, but for Linedwell it was a chance to reclaim everything he'd lost in his life while also giving him a shot to right many of the wrongs he'd felt been done to both himself and his family.

While making his way to the town, he'd also picked up a few notifications as so locations where people seemed to advertising their need for assistance. One of these requests in particular stood out to him and Linedwell wasted no time in meeting the people involved. Once he was briefed on the situation and aware of the "race" that the mother wanted him to have against her child. The job seemed to entail beating him in the race so that he kid would stop all the bragging and boasting.

Soon enough the race started and once Linedwell and the boy named Timmy were far enough way, Linedwell ran up next to the child and quickly landed a punch against his jaw, sending the boy sprawling to the ground. While the boy attempted to get back up and recover, Linedwell continued running until finally making his way back towards the mother. After about 10 minutes, the boy finally showed up against with a busted lip. The mother seemed to be shocked and couldn't understand how her child had been injured. Linedwell shot the boy a menacing look, daring him to snitch. The boy seemed to pick up on this glare and what it meant. After what seemed to be a gulp, the boy began to explain that he'd tripped down some stairs during the race and that it was nothing to worry about. This explanation cleared up everything for the mother, who then paid Linedwell for his services.

WC: 389

-Quest Completed-


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