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[Archer] Lucifer Locket [Done]

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1 [Archer] Lucifer Locket [Done] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:20 am

Name: Lucifer Locket
Age: 17
Date of Birth: October, 22
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics: He has a tattoo from birth on his right eye serving as a birthmark.
Personality: Lucifer unlike his name is a pretty good man he is cheerful and good with people and tries to remain good with everyone he knows though people who want to get their well deserved-fate get their well deserved fate cause Lucifer alike his name is Brutal in combat after all he was named after a Satanic Archangel, Lucifer though he is born to a Ninja village and family he doesn't have characteristics like Ninja he's an Archer from birth and is very good at it he practiced Archery with his father since childhood and is starting to master it in few days.

Now for some things many people share the same traits He is maddeningly unhelpful and perverted and chases girls to his heart's content and his heart's content is forever for eternity he doesn't like people who bad name his clan he can be a deadly Assassin sometimes he was trained by the Clan head himself in that while he also helps people in need


Fighting: He's an Archer who like fighting more than anything else it's his passion.
Archery: Archery, the birth talent of Lucifer and his deadliest skill he's very good at Archery.
Music: A skill as well as his passion he likes Music it's quite something it may bring you into the mood of dancing from doom and gloomy mood or can calm you.


Meanies: Bloody meanies they don't even talk to people and walk away without even letting out an smile.
Death: For anybody death is a foul thing you vanish into nothingness, Yuck! that experience it's bloody bad yes he doesn't like death unless it's an job or clan mission or an assassination order after all.
Bad singers They have awful voice It can damage my ear badly if it's too bad it just sucks they sing so bad that I don't even want to listen after all I am also a Musician and if anybody sings bad I am gonna shoot an arrow through his/her head.


Bringing his clan to glory is the very thing that drives him towards his everyday life he wants his clan to be given it's rightful place in society among the strongest clans he wants his clan in them and brew glory.

Height: 187 cm (6'1)
Weight: 67 KG
General Appearance: His most prominent features are his blue hair and a red tattoo right above and under his right eye. He had Black eyes which compliments his good looks and all his strong muscles he dresses himself in Archery clothes like a Red hoodie, boots and tights and and a Leather armor inside it which only is for cosmetic use and has no extra feature he is also handsome as described by most girls his another prominent feature is his sense of dressing he also dresses in simple yet elegant robes which still compliments his good looks he wears a suit when not on a job mostly or he can also wears some typical uniforms originating in his clan.

History: He was born into an village hidden by the trees away from the world. He was the only child of two legendary clan members one being a Excellent Archer which was his father and one being a Excellent Swordsman which was his mother he was an only child. It was a land from mountains and across the ocean which was a beautiful place

Lucifer was born on 22 October and that day there was a festival and born on that festival it was the war festival it means he was born on war festival further enhancing his trait of fighting and his brutality towards his enemies he was started to be trained in the art of Warfare he excelled in Archery he was good at it from the start.When he was 5 he used to lift up light bows to practice Archery it was his passion now thought the real bows is very heavy for anyone to lift he used to go through brutal training when the age of 7 doing 250 push ups everyday and standing upside down in a box full of crabs which was really a torture to any kid but it didn't even faze him. He learned many arts of his clan thought it was a Ninja clan they required other people also to rather help them in jobs.

At age 10 he used to complete missions for his clan which included Assassinations and theft along with infiltration alongside weapon making which he didn't like but had to do anyways or he'll right be out of his clan that's what his father had said his Childhood was really very strict no interacting with children of his clan and age he only was trained in warfare becoming versatile in using any weapon or tool especially bows and arrows. He then at the age of 14 set out to make his own legacy travelling to the main land at the age of 14 and becoming a renowned Archer and Weapons specialist and place was Al De Baran.

RP Sample:
(FTRP) The Lucifer wrote:The sunshine shone in through the window to Alexander's  room.The early morning hours were not something that he enjoyed. As the rays of the sun traveled to his eyes,He rubbed his eyes, and woke up today was a wrestling championship in Vernus and he was going to participate it was the finals, he reached the finals, because it was a non-magical fight, he got up and traveled to the bathroom ,brushed his teeth and bathed, he wore his Leather Jacket, Jeans, and searched for his Glass, he kept searching.....searching and searching "Where the hell is it?",that was when he noticed his glasses on his head, he was wearing them, he was so stupid, "Man..." and started his search for socks, he found them in his drawer, and then he wore his shoe, and set out for an cafe, it was a rainy day, but he was wearing the right stuff, and didn't get out and he had breakfast on the cafe nearby, then when he reached his destination, he found out that..........,The competition was closed, "Damn man" he said, and set out for his room in Vernus. It sucked, the competition was canceled.

Face Claim: Jellal Fernandes - Fairy Tail


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2 Re: [Archer] Lucifer Locket [Done] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:21 am

Dumpy bumpy

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3 Re: [Archer] Lucifer Locket [Done] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:26 am

Almost done.

●One more Dislike

●Puy in your FTRP character app link into this one at the end or something.

●If the name really is Eve's gonna need to see proof. A simple copy paste of PM would do.

Bump when done

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4 Re: [Archer] Lucifer Locket [Done] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:31 am

I asked her in the chatbox

Lucifer: what's up
[16:57:01 02/09/2015] Eve Locket: nothing much...
[16:57:08 02/09/2015] Lucifer: Eve I am gonna be a locket ok and I also have your permission
[16:57:30 02/09/2015] Lucifer: last night
[16:57:38 02/09/2015] Eve Locket: err... Eve is a orphan and only a orphan
[16:58:02 02/09/2015] Ryuu: same name doesn't mean related
[16:58:08 02/09/2015] Lucifer: Mean I am cousin
[16:58:18 02/09/2015] Lucifer: ring a bell?
[16:58:36 02/09/2015]* Eve Locket sighs
[16:58:37 02/09/2015] Eve Locket: fine...

and I am fixing it

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5 Re: [Archer] Lucifer Locket [Done] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:36 am


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6 Re: [Archer] Lucifer Locket [Done] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:42 am

Kk everything seems to be in order.

1,000 zennies to you and Approved

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