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Eve locket. done

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1 Eve locket. done on Tue Sep 01, 2015 11:08 am

Name: Eve Locket
Age: 15
Date of Birth: july 1st
Gender: female
Special Characteristics:non

Personality: Eve is a young, energetic girl who is gullible, naive and relatively reliable person who is confident in her skills in swordplay and in ninja arts. She is very active, agile and sneaky along side silent in the shadows and deadly to all those that stand in her way. Eve tends to be very happy go lucky around her friends and allies and very aggressive and hostile to her enemies. she is very calm and resourceful when she is out of her home and can make anything she puts her mind to with anything she can find around her and loves to make things for her friends. she tends to be very hard to spot in a crowd and is known to disappear from places without being seen for over a year, before reappearing with no explanation except for a mission or to leave for some teachings from other ninja


  • friends:she loves to make friends and will protect them to the bitter end if they need her help.
  • Ninja teachings: she is a ninja in training and loves to lean new techniques that she doesn't already know.
  • missions:it doesn't matter what the mission is, Eve will do anything she can get her hands on.


  • frogs: they are slimy and icky and they make a annoying chirp that drives Eve mad.
  • bullies: she hates to see people being bullied and loves to strike the bullies down if they try to hurt her friends.
  • disrespect:she hates being put down as a second rate ninja or friend and it brings Eve's energy down to near nothing if her friends don't cheer her up.


  • becoming a great ninja: she wants to grow up to be a excellent ninja that can surppase her mom and dad.

  • finding the person who burned down her village: she is out to kill who burned down her village and doesn't intend to allow that person to live.

Height: 140 cm
Weight: 50 kilograms
General Appearance: Eve normally wears the school uniform of her old school, alongside having two katana from her family. She has a big bust for her age and has long brown hair, brown eyes and wears a red bandanna around her neck, like a makeshift mask. She doesn't like to wear her bikini unless it is very hot and she needs a break, but keeps her bandanna on to keep her face covered if she feels like someone is watching her. Eve's Everyday uniform consists of a green, mid length skirt, a beige colored top covering her white shirt and a green tie

History: born in a small village hidden away from the world by trees, mountains and across the ocean, Eve was the only child of legendary ninja's and warriors. born into the legendary family, Eve learned many different ninja arts and the way of the ninja from her parents and other members of the village. Eve had a very uneventful childhood, never making her parents angry or messing up her training with the other villagers, life was peaceful and happy for the young Eve until her 6th birthday.

when Eve turned 6 years old, her parent would die in a fire and would become a orphan. she would travel to the main land to seek out more people to learn from and to battle during her time in the city before returning back to her village, but it would be burned down and nothing would be left, just charred ashes and corpses of her former friends and fellow family. living in solitude for the several years has made her seen things that she would have never thought she would see until she was out and about doing her missions with her allies but was too unfortunate to experience such a lose at her age.

At age 12, Eve would be out of her village and be doing various versions of training, involving assassination, infiltration and espionage alongside weapon, armor and tool training, making her become versatile in any weapon or tool she comes across during her travels.

before going back towards the city she had been shadowing when she was only 8, Eve would pay her respects to her parents, friends and other villagers, then heading to her boat to arrive at the main land after several weeks, now out to study more techniques and styles to use against her foes in combat.

RP Sample:Eve would sit next to Marise, listening to what she had to say and would think about what she wanted to say, before saying "I know i am strong. i just... love to just... get a little bit of... attention from you... as... i just... feel like we're getting a bit apart and... i don't want to... i don't.... want to ever be left behind or... have you disappear from my life... it wouldn't ever be the same... it... it... would be like hell on earth... so... so.... I just... want to get a bit more attention then i normally get... i... i.... just feel... so lost without you!!! " Eve would cry out, letting out so much sadness that had built up in her, and would wrap her arms around her. Eve had built up so much sadness from her past that she couldn't hold it in anymore, adding that amount with her feeling of being pulled apart from Marise and the others, made her let it all out in a big flow of sadness and tears.
Being unable to get her hand out by using her hands was making Eve feel trapped, and being hit by Marise with all her strength made Eve almost spit out blood. Eve would try to use her tail to get her wrist out of Marise's hand, and would be able to. Eve would back off Marise for a little while to get her breath, before starting to heal her legs. Eve would then think up a new strategy before sighing. "i guess... this is why i have a unpredictable back up with me. i hope your ready. Darkness " Eve would say before her body and clothes would transform. She would grow claws and horns and her clothes would become more scanty and revealing. "Now, Here i Come!" She would say as she would race towards Marise, then beginning to punch, kick and use her claws in a unpredictable and almost out of control way. Eve was in control for now, but didn't know when she would be unable to control her body anymore.

Face Claim: Asuka from senran kagura

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2 Re: Eve locket. done on Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:20 am

Done with it. err... bump?

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3 Re: Eve locket. done on Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:31 am

Your history is 1 word short

Your RP sample needs to be longer

Fix the coding error in the weight, height, and general appearance


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4 Re: Eve locket. done on Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:20 am

Hope it is better, second bump.

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5 Re: Eve locket. done on Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:59 am


+1,000 Zeny


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