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A Storm of mist [Private/Allie]

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1 A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Tue Sep 01, 2015 6:07 pm

As the mist settled in the peaceful town Videns was passing through his mind began to wander. Not to random things, but the one person he always thought about when ever he seen mist. He had not seen her for some time and was begining to get worried for her safety. Videns knew she could take care of herself, but he still felt like he needed to keep an eye on her. To be honest he wasn't sure whether he should of left the group for a but just to find some of his old friends. Still he preferred having her around. Coming to the edge of town, Videns made a whistle by butting down the left part of his lower lip. The sound made was weird but soon after a bird landed on Videns shoulder. Videns petted the bird before wondering if she should leave the town just yet. Maybe he would meet the one he was thinking about? Only time would tell as Videns went to the center of town with the bird still on his shoulder.

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2 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Tue Sep 01, 2015 10:38 pm

Allie Airi-Kiri started to walk through the words in which she was camping within. She felt although to wait till afternoon per-say almost night. Wearing a cloak of mysteriousness she stayed true to her title of the area, Guardian of the Mist. It had it's own name and reason of it as she stayed within an illusion to herself and to all people as she never showed her appearance. A grim facial expression she would walk closer to the town which then started to be engulfed by mist upon its floor. Her face showed darkness as it started to be covered by more shadows. The sky slowly turned night to where businesses were still open although close to end. She felt unsure on what she would find upon people, maybe she'll end up finding someone she knew...

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3 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 6:28 am

After a few moments the town began to get more enveloped in fog. The temperature drastically dropped making Videns shiver. He hated being cold. The birds he was with seemed to get scared and flew away. This whole sinario seemed familiar though to Videns. Videns then noticed a figure in the fog. The figure was blurred an Videns couldn't maje out who it was but he had an idea who it was. Schochin over a little on the fountain he was sitting on Videns put his tapped the place where he was sitting with the palm of his hand signing fir her to come and sit down beside him. Videns had a wide smile on him as he thought he knew who tge figure was. But who knew if he was right?

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4 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 7:06 am

Allie was closer to the village as closer she got, the quiet became more quieter. She knew that her appearance sometimes made the nature she loved go away, vanish from her touch. She caught a glimpse of someone standing there, Videns? He was patting down as though he wanted her attention, for her to come forth and sit by him. ''Videns...You should know better or more enough...nnn..'' she spoke soothingly and cold as she then questioned on what to do. Allie and Kiri were mixing spots but then something within her then just poofed. Although he couldn't see it she was smiling softly walking slowly towards him and sat down. She patted her cloak that hid her whole body as her face hid within the shadows. ''How have you been Videns?'' she spoke then as there was silence between them for a moment...breaking it. She wasn't much for talking as she was the mystery person within their little group...the silent one.

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5 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:05 am

The figure said Videns should know better. Videns smiled as that confirmed it was allie she drew closer, her whole body covered in her cloak. She must of chosen on a form yet. "Well you know me Allie." Videns said with a smile on his face. He was glad he got to see his friend again. She then asked how he has been. "I've been good. You know the usual going around talking to the birds and the bees, literally. Noting to wild anyway, don't worry. How about you? How have you been keeping. And how about everyone else too?" Videns asked Allie. It was about a month or so since Videns had seen everyone and was curious to hear how they were and of course how Allie was doing.

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6 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:25 am

Allie continued to sit next to Videns as she questioned his well-being. She may be cold acting but inside she cared some-what about the people she's been with since the orphanage, videns being one of them. She wasn't sure on what form to take with him as she didn't know what to do. She never understood why....she gets the feeling she does. As he spoke she would then respond with a cooling cold voice, ''Bee's huh? Nature seemed to have left its place as I got here.'' she spoke as she then tilted her head up and looked at the sky. Her face was always hidden with shadows as she could even be in light and her face...would never be there. Taking a small sigh she then looked forward and then turned her head to look at Videns. ''Glad to hear that you're doing okay. Me?...'' she paused more as she questioned her own well-being. ''Doing decent...'' she spoke as she then looked down. It was as if she was shy causing her to be quiet...Allie wasn't sure on what all to say...''D-do....Nevermind.'' she was about to speak and then changed her mind...fiddling with her fingers within her cloak.

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7 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:54 am

Allie said that nature seemed to leave whenever she was around. Although this was somewhat true it was like that for most people. "It's not you, it's just cause it's dark. Althougha little smart as soon as it goes dark birds fly back to their nests since they have no concept of time. So don't be so hard on yourself " videns said placing his hand an Allie's hand.

She then said she was doing decent and was glad Videns was keeping well too. Allie then seemed as if she was going to ask a question but decided not to. "What is it? Ask away I don't mind what the question is, I'll answer it as best I can." Videns said with a cheery smile on his face. He was always happy around Allie.

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8 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:29 pm

Allie sat there next to the one the group called 'Guardian of storm' as she herself was the guardian of Mist. She wasn't sure on his meaning as Larissa was the one who recruited, but she did seem to give Videns a chance for friendship unlike most people. She was the type who sometimes just stayed away from people or just watches and listens, but at non-existent towards the others. As he was speaking he was trying to make her feel better although at that moments touch of his hands, she pulled her hand away, holding her own hand and setting them on her lap. Her eyes lowered as she wasn't sure on how to feel other than awkward and weird. She truly wasn't sure on what to say to him besides to respond on what he it would be rude if she didn't.

''I...'' She was beginning to say.

It was silent as she felt cold, hurt and unsure of it all.

''Was wondering'd like to go for a walk...and talk or do something.'' she asked rather now softly and soothingly with a touch of shyness. Glowing blue butterflies start to fly around as if her aura was speaking of her lightness for deep inside she was feeling rather alone but well...

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9 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:10 am

Videns was kind of sad that Allie pulled away her hand as he was about to hold it. He knew Allie was more of a person to stay by herself, like he was but he still liked to go around with some people, especially her.

She then finally asked if he wanted to go on a walk with her. She then stood up and Videns could tell that she was shy. Just then blue glowing butterflies began to swarm around her, as if reacting to her. "11I'd love too. And see the butterflies like you and they are some of the most shy animals. Anyway let's go." Videns said and would hold Allie's hand. "Where would you like to walk? Around town? In the forest? You choose" he said

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10 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:21 am

He spoke on how he would love to go and talked about the butterflies flying around her which is her signature. Glowing butterflies were to show that she was really there and if they weren't there then it would literally mean she wasn't there. Her heart raced a tiny bit as he regrabbed her hand, holding it although it really was her sleeve hiding her hand. He wondered on where she wanted to go although she really didn't know where to pick. This felt awkward as her chest started to hurt she would try to bare the pain as she would continue letting him hold her hand. Should she turn into a form? Would it be better? She wasn't sure as she just continued holding his hand, walking slowly.

''I...'' she started to speak softly and shyly through her cloak.

''We can around town to see if we find something to do.'' she speaks softly as she wouldn't let her walls crumble not yet.

She shakes her head a little as they then continued to walk through the town in search of something to do...together.

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11 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:55 am

Allie suggested that they walk around town to find something fun, something they could do together. "Sure great idea let's go" Videns said with a smile on his face. Allie wasn't letting go of his hand this time luckily.  Videns was glad of this. He decide to walk close by her too.

While walking the mist seemed to lift a little making it easier to see. Now the lights of shops and such were easier seen. There was a wide variety to do in town, but what to do? Walking a little bit Videns seen a small boat at the riverside just outside of town. "That looks fun." Videns said as he would guide Allie to the boat.

Up close it said 'Boat Rides, Couples FREE'. Great. Videns then just stepped into the boat and then would help Allie in and would wait for the boat to go. He wondered what they would see on the way. But before the boat would go Videns would put his arm around Allie. Now he was ready for the ride.

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12 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:23 am

Being dragged about, holding hands as he detours her around to find something to do. She wasn't sure on where he was going to take her although she would just go for the ride. Funny-like as they were walking he found a boat ride that was supposedly free for couples to ride. 'W-why is he going towards there? W-we're not couples!' she thought shy as she blushed within her cloak as she followed with. As they went into the boat she felt a strange shot of shock upon her spine as he held Allie. ''I-is it weird for me to have no actual appearance...? D-do you want me to have a face and stuff....?'' she questioned...let out the words she all could before freezing up. Her heart felt like coming out of her mouth or pump out of her chest. Her face was tomato red, thanking the goddess and all that it couldn't be seen. She wasn't sure on how to react as she would just let this happen...her body in shock and frozen.

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13 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:10 pm

As they entered the boat ride Allies tensed up. Why was that, she never usually was this Nervous? She then said did Videns find it weird that she had not have a form on. To be honest Videns never noticed when she had aform or not. He always just pictured her with a smile and just being happy and beautiful. No exact facial features, just beauty. She is always so nice and caring inside so Videns just imagines that as her outside.

"I don't mind really. I never really mind if you have a form or not, but if you want to make a form for yourself I wouldn't mind either. Your perfect just the way you are, to me atleast" videns said as the boat ride continued. The moon could now be viable as the mist began to lighten again. Videns wouldn'tlook at Allies just move closer to her. He always knew she was kind of concious about what form she would take, but Videns never minded what she would. His feelings for her would remain the same.....

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14 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:22 pm

Allie was frozen, unable to move as she could feel his warmth, his arm wrapping which if Larissa was here...she'd be sitting in the middle so she wasn't feeling like this. As she thought this was not going to get more awkward she then felt him moving closer, scooting more to her. Her face blushed and out of nowhere her body formed into her most used form, 64. Her eyes of blue oceans and hair like the sparkling river raids upon valleys started to sway a little as pieces were in her face. She formed a book in her hand and covered her face as she felt the touch of his arms still wrapped around her shoulder. She felt confused, flustered and so on as she stayed quiet, hid her face with the book and felt rather warm.

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15 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 8:36 am

As Videns went closer to Allie he felt she was a little cold. Hopefully he could heat her up a bit. She still seemed a little tense but Videns wasn't sure why. Maybe it was him and the way he was acting. Allie never usually seemed to mind. Videns then noticed a small glint and felt a small change. Videns moved his head a little to see what form she took. It was indeed her usual one as he thought but she had a book and it was covering her face.

"Your magic always impresses me Allie. And I think you hit the nail on the head with that form.  It really shows your inner beauty." Videns said smiling at her. He always figured she loved the ocean blue colour, he wasn't sure why. Maybe it was just seeing her form now? She looked so natural. Videns then put his hand on the book and lowered it slowly down on Allie's lap. "Don't put that up there, I cant see your face." Videns said as he looked Allie in the eyes as the big moon lit uo the river and those two in the boat

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16 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 9:17 am

Allie sat quietly and still frozen as she was right next to Videns with his arm around her shoulder. She could feel warmth as her heart was pounding non-stopped like a rabbit in a panic attack or hummingbird’s heartbeat. Her face was beat read as he complimented her saying how it showed her inner beauty. Her eyes glazed and glistened as he moved the book down away from her face, biting her lower soft glossed lip and looked into his eyes with hers. ‘’M-My face?’’ she spoke softly and soothingly as she then looked away, hiding her face with her hand. She needed to snap out of this shyness and girly-like state…she needed to overcome this and be how she usually is, cold and calm. She took a deep breather as she would then close her eyes, calming herself down. ‘’I..I see, alright.’’ She spoke back to her usual self of being calm as they went through the boat. Even though she was now back to acting calm and so on, deep inside she felt warm and panicy.

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17 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 9:35 am

Again Allies seemed shy about doing what Videns asked. She seemed rather shy, although she spoke softly. The boat ride looked as if it was going to stop shortly, but maybe it would last longer then Videns prediction. He wasn't quite sure what to say though. He was also kind of feeling nervous now for some reason too. Maybe it was because of the question he was about to ask. "So Allie. I was wondering. H-Have you ever thought, about us." He said suttering and sounding a little nervous. His heart rate was a elevated too but he would try and look calm. He knew why he was nervous but he knew he shouldn't be, what will be, will be.

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18 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 9:57 am

Allie continued to be calming now instead of her nervous wreak as she didn’t wanna see shy and so forth. As she thought that it couldn’t get any more awkward nor worse did he then ask her that he was wondering if…she ever thought about them. Her eyes widened a little in shock as she truly maybe have a little bit but they were friends…who sometimes go their separate ways and sometimes even don’t talk to each other for a year even. She wasn’t sure on how to respond as she looked down, her blue hair would sway in her face as the wind would breeze in. It was silent and dead-sounding around the area as it was that quiet.

‘Marfedelom...’ she thought as she then saw that the boat was leaving the area as the blue sky appeared. ‘’I…’’ she started to speak softly and unsure of how to explain her feelings on this. She didn’t want to say straight out that she was afraid of having someone, feeling for someone and then poof. She never had a boyfriend, it was always just her and Larissa. ‘’Have I ever thought about it? S-sometimes…’’. She answered as efficiently as possible as she then saw the boat stop. ‘’Where would you like to go now?’’ she asked softly and cornered her beautiful blue eyes into his…too shy to be face to face with him right now.

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19 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:18 pm

Videns smiled when she said sometimes. She had the same feelings he did. The boat ride stopped and they he added out. Allie then asked what they should do next. She did not look at him with her face, just her eyes. It seemed she was still shy. Videns still stayed close and held her hand, putting all his warmth Into it. Videns would talk to Allie a little more before saying about where they should go. "I'm glad the feelings arent one sided, Alie. But i was still wondering, if you wanted to go out with me. If not thats ok, I just really wanted to know how you feel. And for where we go, how abaout you choose this time i dont want to be rude and choose every thing." Videns said hoping she would say yes then follow up with a good place to go.

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20 Re: A Storm of mist [Private/Allie] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:59 pm

Allie was her calming cold self again as she finally built up those shy walls again. She would look at him and wondered if he got the wrong idea on what she meant by ‘sometimes’ and so forth. He continued to stay close to her, holding her hand as she could feel his pulse. The girl then listened to him speak on the matter of feelings. He spoke and said that he was glad that his feelings weren’t one sided although once again he most likely got those feelings misunderstood. Her eyes opened a little as she was asked if she wanted to go out with him. ‘As in boyfriend?’ she thought as her heart skipped a beat. Her eyes cornered as she squeezed his hand a lil tight at the sound of that. It wasn’t like she wanted to not try or anything, she was just not ready…‘’Videns…’’ he wanted more time…she wanted to develop true feelings for someone before saying yes.she spoke calmly and soothingly as she lowered her gaze, still not looking face to face to him.

‘’Maybe someday when…the feelings between us is truly more than friendship and maybe into more than just simple crushing.’’ She says in the most calming way. ‘’Although…’’ she spoke with a small smile. ‘’I wouldn’t mind you ending up being the one that I…’’ she started to say but didn’t finish. ‘’Shall we go to the festival close by?’’ she questioned as she saw the paper. Slowly walking towards there she would grab the paper on the post and read it. ‘’Fireworks start in a couple hours…Would you like to go with me?’’ she asked as she turned to finally look at him face to face…curious.

Time went by as she asked that  but if he did somehow respond she would then see some people that looked familiar and therefore they would then go off and hang out as friends for the time being.


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