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Home repairs [Allie]

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1 Home repairs [Allie] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 11:00 am

The first mission was easy enough... Grabbing the shine stone was nowhere near as hard as the guy made it out to be, so they quickly hurried on out of the mountain and back to the job board. Larissa had her arm firmly wrapped around her best friend's waist, and once they finally got to the job board, her hands ventured down into her butt as she playfully questioned her on what mission to take:

"So, see anything interesting?", she giggled as she made full use of Allie's distraction to thoroughly fondle her succulent rear

They finally took a mission pertraining to home repairs, and with that they headed off to meet the client, and old man named Sampson whose roof had caved in. Grabbing a ladder, Larissa promptly took to the offensive and started hammering away a new framwork for the new roof...

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2 Re: Home repairs [Allie] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 11:01 am

Allie started to walk with her best friend Larissa as she saw a man outside of his own home as she guessed it was as he was asking random people to help him. He seemed rather old and it looked kind of sad as the house roof was broken off. People were shoving him off, ignoring and not answering his cry and pled as he had no one to help. She sighed and looked at Larissa as she would walk and go towards him slowly and looked at him in a rather pity way. He looked at her in a hopeful manner and there was no way that Allie could say no as people in trouble who can’t truly help themselves, should be helped. She didn’t care if Larissa decided to help or not but she wanted to do this. She nodded as she then grabbed the supplies and went onto his roof. Simply by part by part she would put it back together, humming beautifully to where it made her feel rather calm. The man would watch her as he would sometimes leave to get her something to drink and a snack as she continued. She didn’t like when people shoved off the unfortunate as she was too unfortunate upon her path of darkness and death. Sighing softly she would then put down the last part of the board and go down the stairs to get him. ‘’It’s done!’’ she spoke as she waved at him. He seemed to have a tear or so as he would then thank you, paid her and then she shook his hand and went on her way after accepting it.


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