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Catch me if you can!! [EVE/RIVER/WALLY]

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1 Catch me if you can!! [EVE/RIVER/WALLY] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 10:53 am

Larissa had been feeling rather proud with her performance in all those missions. She turned a working spree into a training session and that way she was able to tolerate the effects work had on her lazy nature. No matter how lazy she might be, Larissa still felt a powerful passion towards growing stronger to be able to better protect Allie and the rest. Especially now that she counted the gorgeous and sunny Vedette as one of the Guardians, the Flame of Sun. Though the girl likely also felt a strong desire to protect as her role suggested, the same was true for Larissa towards her

So she decided to amp up the level of her missions somewhat. Wearing a short black shorts and a light blue tank top, she headed out to meet River and Eve; the Rain and Lightning Guardians respectively, and pick out a mission from the quest board...

Words: 152/500

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2 Re: Catch me if you can!! [EVE/RIVER/WALLY] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 1:33 pm

River got up early that morning. She got a notice from Larissa that they were going to be going on a mission this morning. She was wearing her usual outfit, with her cloak added on too. River stuck her knife in the pocket she wore on the side of her leg. (like in the picture above) River was so glad that she had a weapon now. That meant that she could be doing a more dangerous or higher leveled quest. River would get to the quest board earlier then at least Larissa. She wondered who would be picking it out. She soon saw Larissa come. River smiled and waved at her, letting her know that she was there.

Word Count: 152+118=270/500


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3 Re: Catch me if you can!! [EVE/RIVER/WALLY] on Sun Sep 06, 2015 6:31 am

Eve's outfit:

getting a message from Larissa about a mission, Eve would barely be able to sleep. thinking about what she needed to do and what part she would play. Eve would dress how she normally would and go over the roofs and trees to arrive at where Larissa would be. she would appear in a amount of dust and leaves, and have a smile on her face. What mission are we doing, Larissa? i really don't mind, I am so fired up for the mission. Let's get it started!!!! " Eve would say in a very happy and confident tone before punching her fist in the air.

word count: 270+107= 377/500

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4 Re: Catch me if you can!! [EVE/RIVER/WALLY] on Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:49 am

While waiting for her comrades, she quickly spotted a good mission for them to do. They wanted help stopping some thieves who were causing trouble in the neighborhood. So hey, cops dont do their jobs, why not hire adventurers? God knows they could use the money! Larissa liked this way of thinking, it was what put food on her table everyday:

"River and Evey-chan!! Nice to see you both!", she'd greet warmly, with one arm around Evey's shoulder and attaching her hand firmly to her breast in her usual playful harassment. She would raise the request up in the air and show them, "How about this? How hard can it be to stop a few thieves?"

Marise would head to meet the client and then work to intercept their targets, rushing after the first thief she found and kicking him with a sweeping roundhouse to knock him off his feet, followed by a thrusting low kick to the head. She was fast and had good sprinting speed, and thus would make full use of it to stop her fores and make way for her allies to finish the job...

Words: 579/500

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5 Re: Catch me if you can!! [EVE/RIVER/WALLY] on Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:58 am

Larissa said that it was good to see them both. So the brown haired girl was named Eve. That was good to know. She then put one arm around Eve and grabbed her breast. Well, River couldn't say she was surprised. River knew that Larissa did that at times. Luckily, she hasn't done that to her... yet. Larissa then chose a quest having to do with stopping some thieves. "That sounds good." River said. The three of them would meet with their client and eventually come across the thieves. Larissa would do some physical attacks while River would draw her knife out from her pocket which was strapped on the side of her leggings. While Larissa kept them occupied with her physical attacks, River gave two slashes of her knife to each of them, defeating them. She didn't kill them, but they were defeated. Having dealt with the thieves, they would return to their client for their reward.

Word Count: Over 500


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6 Re: Catch me if you can!! [EVE/RIVER/WALLY] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:29 am

After the initial grope from Larissa, and the information of the mission, Eve would take the roofs and watch the thief's for any sign of trying to escape. Eve would appear and take the last thief by surprise and knock him out with a single bash on the ground. "too bad he wasn't paying much attention, cause if he was, he might have been able to stop me, but he didn't and this is his punishment, a face full of ground. A ninja doesn't go into confrontations unless they need to. i like ambushing people, it is fairly easy. Nice work, Larissa, River. " Eve would say before taking the thief she had to the police, and going back to the client for her reward with Larissa and River.

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