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Wally Allen (Done)

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1 Wally Allen (Done) on Tue Sep 01, 2015 4:36 pm

Name: Wally Allen
Age: 18
Date of Birth: February 19
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics: Wally tends to pick up on things pretty fast and is able to adapt to them

Personality:Wally is a all around guy. He likes to hang around people that he knows so meeting a new group of people can be hard for him. He also is a pretty smart guy, but it lazy as well. His family says that he inherited from his grandfather. This trait has passed down his family for a while. He has quite a bit of knowledge and he likes to show others that he does. He often talks out randomly with facts even if no one asked. If others do make Wally mad, he does know how to put a situation to an end without violence, but will use his power if he has too. But if he can solve a situation by words alone, it will be the first thing he will do. Wally is also loyal to a fault when it comes to his friends. He will do almost anything for them.

Likes: His friends : He holds his friends really close. Believe that if he puts his time into they, then they should stay friends.
Knowledge: He likes getting smarter. He also believes that knowledge is power and he would like to be the strongest in the room.
Relaxing: He likes to relax from time to time, not doing anything.
Dislikes: Being Late: Wally likes to be on time or early for this and doesn't really understand how others could be late.
Losing: Wally is really competitive when it comes to games or even fights. Losing is not an option for him.
Friends hurting: If Wally sees his friends hurting, he likes to comfort this. It makes him unease when they are.
Motivation: Wally wants to show his power, so he strives to be the strongest. He also likes to learn new things and show how smart he is, so gaining knowledge as well.

Height: 183 cm
Weight: 68 kg
General Appearance: Wally dresses pretty normal he would think. Wall will dress for the weather, but he does have one weird thing. He almost always wears pants. He will dress in shorts if he is going to exercise for a good amount of time, but mostly its pants. He isn't that big on long sleeves, so mostly short sleeves but if its cold then he will throw on a jacket. He wears normal tennis shoes as well. Wally doesn't much care for the color of clothes and normally just puts on whatever is their. He sometimes get lazy in folding his clothes as well, so they might have a wrinkle or two from time to time.

History: Wally was born in a small town. His town wasn't that big but it was home. Wally grew up as an only child. His family wasn't that big, it was just his mother, father, and him. Sadly though Wally's family wasn't that rich though. So his father had to work a lot to make a living for them. At a early age Wally showed signs of a high intellect. This posed a problem for his family though. They wanted to send him to a good school, but it cost a lot. With that in mind, Wally's father took up more work, and his mother also started to work. They soon earned enough money to send Wally to school.

Wally was able to go a better school to expand his knowledge. He learned a lot. He had to stay at the school though, so it was pretty hard for him. It was a town over, so he didn't get to see his parents a lot. They wanted him to be happy, so they continued to work. Wally went through his elementary years pretty easily and graduated the top of his class. They had him transfer to the next level. Wally was able to go back home to see his parents when it was summer and they sometimes had breaks in which Wally would ride his bike back. As he got older it got easier and easier to do.

Wally was now in his last year of school. It was coming down to the final days when something happened he could of never expected. Wally decided on that day that he wanted to sneak out and go visit home. He had school, but he knew he could miss on day. This was after Wally turned 18. He rode his bike home like normal but saw fire on the horizon towards home. He didn't know what was going on, but he knew he wanted to get their. Wally finally got the town in site to see that it was on fire. The weird thing was, that he heard no screams. He instantly knew what that meant. That this didn't just happen. He hurried to the spot where his house was located, pushing through the dead bodies. When he got their he saw two figures dead outside of it. Wally instantly knew who they were. He couldn't stomach looking at them. The fire was still spreading, so he had to get out of their. With a final goodbye Wally left his home town and head back to school. He wanted to be a scholar when he got out, but that now changed. Wally wanted to be an adventure and stop things like that from happening.

RP Sample: Trever flew in closer on Mugen to see what we going on around here. As he got closer he saw more mages arrive and he felt more power building up inside himself. It was weird, it was as if some of the other mages were buffing him. He didn't understand with what strength they were doing this or how, but he knew he needed to do something and help. Trever channeled on of his strongest spells and somehow because the embodiment of it. When he did that he felt faster and stronger. He was flying on Mugen, but for the moment it seemed he would be faster without him. "I need you to get back buddy and go hide somewhere. If I do get knocked out in this fight, I want you to come get me. Otherwise, I'll signal for you," Trever said jumping of Mugen. Trever was able to fly and it seemed with his powered up form he could fly over 140m/s. He didn't think he ever had gone that fast. He started to zoom off looking for the enemy. Trever would be only 50m above the ground. Noticing what could be the cause of the problem, Trever would fire one of his thorns at the enemy to see what it could actually do.

Face Claim: Shikamaru Nara - Naruto

This is Tyson/ Trever from FTRP

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2 Re: Wally Allen (Done) on Tue Sep 01, 2015 4:54 pm

Done bump

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3 Re: Wally Allen (Done) on Tue Sep 01, 2015 5:00 pm


+1,000 Zeny


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