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Here kitty kitty kitty (Mission)

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1 Here kitty kitty kitty (Mission) on Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:08 pm

Wally was in a different town today. It took a while to travel to it, but it was good to see the world. He had to come up with a place that he could call home, but wasn't sure where that would be yet. He had some money under his belt and if he wanted to be an adventurer, than he had some experience doing some missions as well. They were not much, but it was still something. Wally looked up to the sky and noticed that it was still a beautiful day. He liked days like this, it actually made him want to do something instead of getting lazy and laying down all day. Wally walked through the town listening to everyone talk. He heard word of bandits, heard words of peoples everyday life, and he also heard a little kid saying how he lost his cat. A little kid was walking around asking people to help find his cat. Wally decided that he should help the kid instead of ignoring him like everyone else was doing. "Hey little guy, I heard you lost your cat. Would you like some help getting him?" Wally asked him. The little boys face lite up and he shook his head yes. "My cat is a brown cat and he is pretty fast. I hope you can get him mister," the boy said. "Well just stay here, so I can find you after I grab him," Wally said taking off in a direction. It took about five minutes but he finally saw the cat. Wally knew didn't know the town very well, so it might be a little harder to catch it. Wally started to run after the cat though. He would see his surrounding and hopefully think of a plan. The funny thing though was the cat seemed to run into an alley with a dead end. Wally was able to walk up to the cat now. It tried to run around him, but Wally was quick enough to grab it. He walked back to the boy and returned the cat. "Thank you mister. Here is some money for catching him," the boy said handing Wally some zenny. After that Wally started to walk around again.



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