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Ryuu Takashi [Fixed]

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1 Ryuu Takashi [Fixed] on Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:37 am " alt="" />

Name: Ryuu Takashi
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 4/9
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics:Scarlet Eyes: When overly excited about anything Ryuu's eyes will turn a ruby red color and his voice becomes deeper

Personality: Ryuu has a mixed personality. Ryuu is generally a kind person unless he wants to cause some mischief. Such as starting a fight and taking down a large guy or even messing with people in the most irritating of ways. Ryuu isn't really afraid of anything unless it seems wrong. A example would be him stealing from a rich person who is a tyrant to the people versus stealing from a poor family and thats all they have. However if the situation is dire and his life is on the line he can do it. Ryuu is also a very stubborn kid not taking other's opinions in to consideration unless it's with someone he likes or respects. None the less Kharen ca also be a sweet, gentle, and caring guy despite his bad side making him the balance between bad boy and nice guy. However piss him off enough and Ryuu can go on a blind rampage until he calms himself down.

Likes: Girls:Ryuu has a weakness for the ladies. If it's a girl he really likes he'll get all jumbled up and do what he can to impress her.But not too much if she isn't worth it.

Weapons:Ryuu loves weapons of all kinds, they interest him and he knows his stuff when it comes to weapons. His favorite would have to be a sword as it the one people look the coolest with to be honest.

Money:Ryuu absolutely loves money because then he can buy things to help him achieve his goals. Also he can live a comfortable life and afford to find and achieve new and crazier goals while having a fall back plan.

Dislikes: Idiots: Ryuu can not stand stupid people for they annoy him. By stupid he means people lacking common sense as they drive him crazy and bring him to anger. To some degree he stops himself from strangling them.

Lazy People: Ryuu hates lazy people who complain about something and never do anything about it. If your not injured, sick, or taking a break then get your self up and do it your self or drop dead.

Pompous People: Ryuu can't stand those who feel that they are better than Ryuu that arn't actually nothing. He will knock their head off in instant or somewhere it would embarrass them the most ending their career hopefully.

Motivation: Himself: Ryuu's own drive is to conquer any given goal he feels he wants to accomplish which can be overwhelming but if really wants he will go for it as it will become one of his first priorities.

Love:Killua is like any other human by that meaning he would like someone to be with and share everything he has. And simply fall in love and experience the feeling of love. Mainly why he falls for girls so easily with a great personality as to not make him as picky.

Height: 179 cm
Weight: 67 kg
General Appearance: Ryuu over all is more of a slender guy with gearing towards a average physique. Despite this slender body Ryuu is still very muscular, not bulky but great muscle tone making him look like a sculpture. His skin is somewhat pale as well as very smooth. His hands from working as a blacksmith are strong and callused only on the palm. Ryuu also has short spiky white hair the color of pure snow and baby face with light blue eyes. He also has a sharp chin with somewhat his head looking triangular from the style of his hair. He tends to wear anything within a white,black,and red color scheme.
History: Ryuu as a young boy was a orphan he lived and grew up a thief. He would not only steal from the rich or the occasional adventurer but sometimes give his new stolen belongings to other poor people as to help them survive. He went along this life style for a while until he reached the age of ten. Tired of being a thief he decided to become a apprentice of a blacksmith named Smith. With free room and a small dinner Ryuu learned the trade of weapons. This is where his fondness of weapons of came from after working along with a guy who made them. At first he wasn't allowed to help and was stuck running the shop as he unusually brought in more customers and made more deals increasing the revenue of the store. Smith and Ryuu became closer as Ryuu got older he was allowed to help Smith make weapons for the shop. Those two grew and became like father and son. The family or affection Ryuu never had. After of few years Ryuu wanted to leave and talked with Smith who simply told him "Go where your heart follows kid." After that Ryuu left out on his own at age 18 to follow what ever path he choose for himself accomplishing it anyway he wanted. After that Kharen wandered around doing meager jobs elsewhere to earn experience, such as cooking,being a bouncer, and even sometimes thieving. Through this period Kharen discovered he had more of a mutual or self mural which only portrayed to the things he cared about. Now after being on his own his first of many goals was to become a adventurer. He would begin said goal by searching for a mentor which he did. After two months and not finding anyone truly suitable he decided to train on his own before he would go out and venture on out in to the world. Discovering treasures,slaying beast, and getting coin or any other idiotic dream he desired.

RP Sample: Ryuu walked down in to the basement of the shop which was also the storage for ingots. Picking up ten silver ingots he walked back upstairs and headed to the forge. He brought out the anvil and his gloves and started to get to work. Using the fan to bring the flames to  life inside the forge he grabbed his tongs taking a silver ignot and holding it inside the beautiful fire. When it reached a bright orange color Ryuu took the ingot out and put it on the anvil hammering away. Of course you couldn't willy nilly hammer a weapon you had to strike the same place with precision to make it even. As the color died out he put it back in the fire reaching the same color again and repeating the process until he had a straight sword. Finalizing the tange Ryuu set it down and began working on the next silver ingot. He kept at it until he footsteps."Hard at work I see Ryuu. I' going to be going out to do business. You can open the shop after you rest from finishing those ingots. Smith said as he walked out the front door of the shop. Two hours later Ryuu finished as he heard knocking on the door. Going through all the racks he walked to the door opening it before a blade was at his throat. Not flinching until after Ryuu backed away as a cloaked figure walked in to the store. Pretending to have fear Ryuu backed away in to the closest weapon rack which he knew was the swords. The cloaked figure walked towards him as Ryuu pretended to cower in fear as he quickly grabbed a sword as the man dashed at him. Swiftly turning he slashed the man down as blood poured at from his body. This was the first thrill of combat first for Ryuu as his now blue eyes were a bright ruby red and he could hear his heart thump with every breath.

Face Claim: Killua-HunterXHunter

FTP Account:

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2 Re: Ryuu Takashi [Fixed] on Tue Sep 01, 2015 1:18 pm


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3 Re: Ryuu Takashi [Fixed] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:23 pm

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