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Non-solo Mountain Time [Mission:Larissa]

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1 Non-solo Mountain Time [Mission:Larissa] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:43 am

Allie started to walk as she was to meet up with Larissa to take on this quest. She wasn’t sure on what to expect taking a quest with someone and not just doing it solo. She would be in her reaper looking cloak as she would go towards where Mr. Kensho was at as they promised each other that they would meet with the client. As they got there she would see that she was there with the client. She walked closer to Larissa as she stood next to her. He would nod and then tell them the location of the stone which was on some mountain. She nodded and walked beside Larissa towards the location.


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2 Re: Non-solo Mountain Time [Mission:Larissa] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:47 am

Another quest, another training session disguised as work. Or was it the other way around? There was no way to tell, all Larissa knew is that she had very little motivation to actually work, but to train she was always fired up. Protecting Allie from something so strange the girl couldnt even describe would be anything but easy, but that didn't mean she would stop.

"Hey Allie!! You ready?!", greeted the ever cheerful Larissa, clad in desperately short blue shorts and white training shirt

The client was an archeologist or something, looking for something called a shinestone. Maybe he was actually a miner? Well, Larissa couldnt care less since the man was making them go inside on their own while he staying out, so its not like she was even gonna be talking to him or anything... Finding the stone itself was easy enough, and soon the two girls had money in their pockets.

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3 Re: Non-solo Mountain Time [Mission:Larissa] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:51 am

Allie continued to walk next to Larissa as they went into the area. The area was filled with bats and animals and so on as they went further in. She knew what would be in the darkness more than she knew what would appear in the light. She took a deep breather as she went further till something shiny was sparkling and dazzling. She nodded as she then went towards it, picked it up and noticed it was what she and her friend were looking for. Going back to the guy who wanted the stone she and Larissa delivered it and got their money as they both went on their merry way with money.


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