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Worth Loekey

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1 Worth Loekey on Tue Sep 01, 2015 6:53 am

"If everything's at stake, then why not burn it?"

Name: Worth Loekey
Age: 23
Date of Birth: January 8
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics: He has white colored blood, but no one knows why.

Personality: Worth is a quiet, calculating, and tuned, individual. He is someone who thinks very well in the situation that he is. He always tries to take a position as a pacifist, he will only counterattack people who attacked him. But if you expect him to let you live, forget it. He will counterattack in a completely psychotic way, he possibly will kill you and kick your carcass into a river. He always tries to understand a situation logically. He would not try to create a happy atmosphere in a tragic and dangerous situation, he will understand this situation and it will act in the way that this situation is established. If he is in a cheerful setting, he will feel happiness and he will try to be a little more open. If he is in a dangerous scenario, he will try to do everything to get out of this scenario. He always analyzes the situation before doing something stupid. In a psychological aspect, he is aggressive, irresponsible, impulsive, often stressed, besides being too sarcastic to normal, social standards. He will always treat people in an egalitarian tone, without regrets. If you are a noble, rich, a princess, a king, a god or anything you want to be, forget everything. He will not see you as a VIP, he will speak at an equal pitch. He will also provoke anyone who is annoying him. This is an example to everyone else.

• White - He likes the color white. It's bright, calm, and plain. Just the way he likes it.

• Blood - He likes to see blood, but not by violence. Blood is an odd liquid, so he is fascinated by it.

• Knives - He has a weird thing for knives. When he was a thief, he had a weird passion that was cutting bags, pockets and other things. It sorta stuck with him after he changed his ways.

• Black - Since black is considered the opposite of white, he hates black.

• Sun - He hates the sun. It's too hot, and he'd much prefer a cold enviroment.

• Numbers - He hates numbers because he never really was educated. He had been taught basic things, but he had hated math so they never touched the subject. He doesn't like complex things, including math.

Motivation: Himself. He won't care about anything else. He's learned, that nothing happens when you care about other people.

Height: 226 cm
Weight: 63 kg
General Appearance: Worth is a tall, lean male with red hair and piercing brown eyes. His hair is spiky and is usually what teens would wear hair. He will normally be seen wearing a purple polo shirt as well as sporting a pair of simple denim jeans and black boots on his feet. Across his waist he fastens a belt to keep his jeans tight and allow him freedom of movement without worry of them falling. He completes his look with a wristband on his wrist and a pair of earmufflers he was given on his birthday by his parents, an intricate design which holds the letter "G" on it. His bloodstream sometimes randomly vibrates and his body starts to look like a really big blue creature. His eyes also randomly bleed but it is without pain. He sometimes wears a green army jacket with a hood but he never really uses it that much.

History: Worth was born during the Red Night, a day where everybody started bleeding for an odd reason, so he came out very bloody. His mother died giving birth to him, and his father didn't care. His father was a gambling mess and had multiple debts. His mother, he didn't know much about. He was told that she was a legendary mage, but he knew that it was just fantasy. He grew up in the slums, so he was always caring for himself. He had one friend, though. He grew up with her because they slept next to each other in the alley they slept in. They always hugged each other for warmth. He liked it. Her name was unknown, even to her, so he called her Yamilana. He didn't know why, but he did. One day, she died becuase she was abused by bullies. He killed the bullies, with brute force, but Yamilana died. He grieved her for hours, with tears coming down his face, and her blood mixing with his tears, but then he stopped crying, and buried her. He didn't care about anyone else then. He learned to fight and steal. He was amazing at pickpocketing, skilled even. Until he was caught. He was sentenced to execution, even if it was just a loaf of bread. Someone stopped the execution, and saved him. He didn't know who it was, but he knew they just didn't want to see a bloodbath. No one cares, he always thought to himself. He didn't change his ways, but he didn't steal anymore. Give or take, neither. Give a soul, take a soul, neither. That was his oath. He swore not to give, but he swore not to take. Now, he's a master of stealth, but he doesn't steal.

RP Sample: My FTRP Sample: After a good night sleep, Worth got up and out of bed. He quickly got dressed, put the amulet in his pocket, and hid the sword even more. He went outside of his room, to see everyone taking it slow. "Did I wake up early? Huh. Good luck for me. Well, gotta go to class."  he said as he closed and locked his dorm door, and went downstairs. He was given a card to the room for class. It read "202321." He wondered if there were that amount of rooms in this school/city. He knew it was possible. He finally found the room, and went in. There were mages all around him that were using fire, ice and more types of magic. He was amazed. The teacher saw him enter. "Welcome, Mr Nethor. You're early." the teacher told him with a suprised expression on her face. "Thank you..? I woke up early and found the room. I was given this card and someone told me this was my classroom.."  he told the teacher. "Oh.. Well, yes, this is your classroom but class starts until later today.." Worth was shocked. He thought it started at 6am.. "Oops.." he thought to himself as the teacher began to say "No problem, though. I love to teach! What type of Magic have you decided to sink into?" "Summoning Magic.."  Worth told the teacher. "Ahh. Another one. I'm a summoner myself, so I can help you there." He smiled in excitement. "Really?! Thank you, ma'am! Thing is.. I don't have any summons.. I mean, I do have them, but.. I can't execute the spell.." A student overheard and giggled. "Guest, please speak your mind if you have something to say."

Face Claim: OC - Original Character

My FTRP App: Worthwilt Nethor, Emperor of Demons

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2 Re: Worth Loekey on Tue Sep 01, 2015 10:56 pm

Takin Thief pls

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3 Re: Worth Loekey on Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:21 am

Hey there just a few things

●Can you elaborate on why he likes knifes and Dislikes numbers. "Just because" doesn't really cut it. Add in anything random so long as it's a reason.

●History has to be 300 words

●Link your FTRP app into this one at the end please

Bump when done.

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4 Re: Worth Loekey on Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:38 am


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5 Re: Worth Loekey on Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:46 am

Great everything checks out.

Only thing is you cant choose you class until C Rank.

Anyway, Approved And 1,000 Zennies to you good sir

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