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Rocking at the mopping [Job]

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1 Rocking at the mopping [Job] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:14 pm

Videns was again casually walking through town after his weird encounter with that weird fat sweaty guy, looking cool as he always did on this fine day. The sun was shining and birds were singingand all other usual things associated with good days was happening too. All was right with the big world, or so he thought. 

Videns decided to go into a bar to get a drink. Not of alcohol but of orangea quash, or cola or various other brands and flavours of non alcoholic drinks. It was mid day after all he wasn't going to get drunk, for another few hours at least.

As Videns entered he noticed that the place was fairly empty and the ground was dirty. It was a little off putting and videns was going to walk out the door before a guy blocked his path. The guy was fairly big and we'll built and was standing in front of the doors, tje ones videns had entered in. 

"Well domt just stan there" the man said in a rough voice to Viden's. What the hell was he talking about? Videns I stead decided to take a seat.

"No you mop head, do your job you lazy got. Get the mop and start cleaning. Now!" The man shouted at Videns "Then you can get a drink." He added. What the Hell?

Videns decided to comply. May aswell make some money, besides the floor was getting on his nerves. He had a little obsessive compulsive Disorder like that. Getting g the mop and bucket he began cleaning the floors, wiping them with water and scripting the big dirt spots with the mop and also absorbing the puddles of various drinks and blood on the floor.

Videns was done quick and got his money, bit he wasn't thirsty anymore so left.


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