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Cat in the hat [JOB]

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1 Cat in the hat [JOB] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:09 pm

Well, this was a tricky situation. Zane had found the cat and all, but now how was he gonna catch this pussy? He had a few ideas in his mind... well, first, klet's go back to the reason why Zane is even here, chasing cats.

Zane had taken a job earlier today, just doing some work to get some money and connections to poeple around town. This was important in order to make max profit. The job was to catch a cat, and Zane found it pretty easy. Or... so he thought.

After about an hour of searching, he had found the cat. How hard would it be to catch it? Well, a lot harder than Zane had thought it would be, that was for sure. After about 40 minutes of trying to catch this goddamn animal, he still had no clue how to go about it. He had tried everything... when he got the perfect idea.

Now, Zane was no expert on animals or anything like that. But he knew from storybooks as a kid that cats liked milk... or at least that's what the rumors were saying. So, it was time to put this legend to the test. He was a mythbuster. Do cats really like milk?

He got this idea from a milkman deliviring milk to many houses in the area. While nobody was looking, Zane just took one of those milk jars, brought it over towards the cat, about 10 meters away... next, he would slowly pour it on the ground. After about, say, 30 seconds, the cat came running, and would begin to drink the milk. Zane caught the cat off guard, picking it up and running toward's the boy's house, getting scratches from a cat that wanted free for 20 minutes the way back.

The boy would thank Zane as he put the cat down into the house, and Zane would recieve his pay. "Pleasure doing business." he'd say, as the boy tilted his head. "What's business mean?"

"Er... I'll tell you when you're older."


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