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River Sora [Completed]

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1River Sora [Completed] Empty River Sora [Completed] on Tue Sep 01, 2015 1:24 pm

River Sora [Completed] Hinata_Hyuga

Name: River Sora
Age: 18
Date of Birth: December 5th
Gender: Female
Special Characteristics:

  • Multilingual - River is fluent in more then one language.
  • Eidetic Memory - Also known as photographic memory, once River sees something, it's locked in her brain, completely memorized.

Personality: River is quiet in nature. She seldom speaks. Even though where she's from were really joyous and loud, she was always the quiet one, in the corner, reading. River is a highly intelligent girl, mostly due to her eidetic memory, but easily gets annoyed of some things because of that.

River is also a very honest, and hard working person. Being hard working, that doesn't necessarily mean that she doesn't like laziness but she will definitely push people do their work. While she is honest, she's not very blunt about it. She tries to make things sound as optimistic as it could be. Which sometimes, is not an option.

On top of that, River is a pretty optimistic person, trying to make the best out of every situation. She is also very kind. She tries to help out anyone in need and tries to make everyone happy. Of course, since she's soft spoken, it's sometimes hard to grab their attention, but she is very comforting to people.


  • Noise - Despite being quiet herself, River does enjoy noises. It actually helps her concentrate better.
  • Music - Music is an important part of her culture. River has always enjoyed listening to the music that the elves played.
  • Archery - A bow and arrow has always been River's number 1 choice of weapon. She has even enjoyed playing with her fake one as a little kid.
  • Strategy - River loves a good strategy. She feels like a battle wouldn't turn out well without one.


  • Silence - Total and utter silence disturbs River. To her, complete silence is unnatural.
  • Stupidity - River absolutely hates stupidity. It is one of her largest pet peeves. You could always imagine an intelligent person extremely disliking stupidity.
  • Dishonesty - River, as an honest person, hates it when people are dishonest. I mean, she gets it when people do lie, if it's for a good reason, but she doesn't typically enjoy it when people lie.


  • The Best Archer - River wishes to be the best archer in all the land.
  • Helpful - River wishes to help as many people as she can.

Height: 160 centimeters (5.2 feet)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
General Appearance: River dresses in mostly clothing that would blend in with her surroundings. Along with that, she has an oddly dyed, grey and green, hooded, cloak that she always wears, no matter what. Even on hot summer days she won't take it off. Under the cloak, she typically wears boots, tights, a skirt, and a tight shirt.

River has raven hair that goes down to about mid-back and bangs as well. She has very unique eyes. They are lavender and have no pupils. They give the false appearance that she may be blind, which she is definitely not. She is fair skinned, which may get tanner in the summer time.


River was born in a forest town. This town was filled with very intelligent people. They developed their own language which only the people who were born in the forest town would know how to speak. Any outsiders would be incapable of speaking it fluently as this language had to be taught by the people of her town. It was a very complicated language which could be written out both in letters and in symbols.

River was born into the Sora clan. This clan produced the most intelligent of the edan. (Edan is the race of River and the people of the forest town.) The Sora clan, looks wise, was known for their dark hair and lavender eyes which had no pupils. While most of them were tall, River had always been short. She was often teased because of her height but she ignored it. She was told that shortness was good for getting into small spaces for hiding and such.

One day, when River was about 5, she stumbled across a part of the forest she hasn't seen before. Curious, she ventured deeper into that part of the forest. As time passed, River realized that she was now lost, and she started to panic. While she was wandering around the forest aimlessly, she found a lone cabin. Nervously, she walked up to it and knocked on the door. A woman answered it. "Vedui'." the woman spoke. River's eyes lit up. She knew the language of the edan. "Lle anto edhel?" River asked excitedly. The woman nodded her head. She asked if she was lost. River nodded her head. She said that she would take her back to her village. River followed the woman back to her home. When they got to her front door, River asked her "Ill essa?" The woman replied, "Salque." Salque...

Salque became a very important figure in her life. Ever since meeting River, Salque would come to the town more frequently. One time, she brought her bow. River was instantly fascinated with it. When River turned 7, Salque began to train her with the bow and arrow. River was a natural at it. Salque complimented her saying that she was almost as good as she was when she was her age. Salque was beyond amazing at the bow by the way. River thinks that she'll never be able to shoot as skillfully as Salque.

One day, Salque invited River to hunt with her. River was so excited. The two of them headed into the woods. While they were going to check one of the traps, something happened. They were ambushed by a group of bandits. Salque drew her bow at a rapid speed and already had an arrow loaded. River held the hunting knife close to her. The bandits tried to attack them. They looked like they meant to kill. Salque shot one after another. Not killing them though. Until suddenly, the arrows stopped. River looked to see a dagger protruding from her chest, at the spot of her heart. Salque only gave one command for her. It was to run. And so River did. She ran as hard and as fast as she could. She had to get away. By a miracle, River made it home safely, but not happily. Salque never returned. That meant that she had indeed, died. It was like loosing a family member. For the rest of her life, River devoted her life to becoming stronger to prevent deaths of other people, just like Salque. At the age of 18, River would eventually leave her home and see how life played out from there.

RP Sample:
It's Assama/Kerii:
Assama woke up just like she would during a normal day except she was now at Vernus in a dorm she shared with her cousin Eve. She quietly opened the dresser to pull out a red dress, and navy blue shorts. She opened the bathroom door very quietly, closed it, and changed. She walked out, slipped on some navy blue (naruto style) shoes and put on her headband. She tied her tan, leather pouch around her waist and picked up her keys. She wrote a note to Eve saying "Went out to explore. Be back later. - Assama" She put it on the dresser and quietly went out of the room. She closed the door and locked it. She then walked out of the door. So now what should she explore? Assama headed off to find a cafe or something. She entered it and got some breakfast. She finished her breakfast and walked around some more. She could see some ghosts and spirits wandering around. One stopped by her and said to follow her. Okay, that was weird. Assama followed the ghost who lead her to some place at Vernus. There were no people there. The ghost told her to mutter some words. She had no idea what it was for and the ghost said just to trust her. Assama shrugged and muttered them nervously. A portal opened. Assama raised an eyebrow. Curious as she was, she stepped through it and was transported to an area with Sakura trees all around with a huge mountain. Her eyes widened. What was this place. Assama wandered around it. Was this for real? It certainly seemed real enough but it was so quiet. Her hands touched the bark of a Sakura tree. Yeah, it was real alright but what did this place exactly do? She was so curious to find out. How did that ghost even know how to get here. She turned to see if the ghost followed her here but no. She wasn't there. Hmm, that was odd. Well, she may as well see if anybody else was here.

Face Claim: Hinata Hyuga - Naruto

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River Sora [Completed] Rivers14

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3River Sora [Completed] Empty Re: River Sora [Completed] on Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:32 pm

Personality must be at least 150 words. You're off by only a few.

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4River Sora [Completed] Empty Re: River Sora [Completed] on Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:59 pm

added some more words ^.^

River Sora [Completed] Rivers14

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