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Party upon the Night [Invite]

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1Party upon the Night [Invite] Empty Party upon the Night [Invite] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 11:00 am

Party upon the Night [Invite] 14416410
Karisa started to walk with her red shining boots with metal attire. Her black thigh socks stayed well in place against her skin  while her short shorts of red leather and elastic felt semi comfortable. She was wearing her rather dominate split shirt jacket with furr making a v-shape. Her brown hair swayed shortly tickling her neck a little as her brown shining eyes looked forward into the darkness of the streets. She calmly looked in a proudful way as she looked at the street rats of men and females on the side who didn't know what was up. Some knew who she was and where she was from and some others did not.

Tonight was going to be chill and relaxed as she was going to party it up. She got herself hooked up with some people who had some interesting candies to get rather hallucinated and took some for herself, making a party. As she got closer to the destination she then looked at the door of old rusted metal making her smirk. Pushing the door open a little the lights flashed in her face as the colorful lights lit up, music starting and the area filled with smoke and the smell of booze. She chuckled as she saw some people wave to her and she swayed her hand a little. Sitting down she would sit against the red rich couch  in front of a coffee table, leaning back, arms wrapped in the back of the couch as she waits for the waitresses to get her stuff for her and to see what alive crowds shall appear and enjoy this night with her.

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2Party upon the Night [Invite] Empty Re: Party upon the Night [Invite] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 11:14 am

Night out day. This time, Larissa was going out by herself, with none of her friends to accompany her. It was a shame, but it would give her a good chance to meet some new people instead. She walked through the streets wearing a long brown coat, wondering why this night had suddenly gotten so cold. They were still in the summer after all. She had been recommended a particular club when she asked for a place where she'd be allowed to "party like crazy". It's a darn shame Allie didn't agree to come with her, the two of them could have a lot of fun in the right mood. Seeing large, heavy looking metallic doors, and knowing she was in the right place, she promptly swung them open:

"Whoa...", she commented, eyes widened at the sheer size of place, glimmering with bright colorful lights, "This place is big..."

She walked around the area for a while, here eyes scanning the place's partrons as the scent of wildness and inebriation filled her nostrils. This was gonna be a fun night... For starters, those red couches looked interesting, so she walked over to that area. She'd need a place to hang her coat too.

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3Party upon the Night [Invite] Empty Re: Party upon the Night [Invite] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:12 pm

Karisa continued to lean back against the couch as she looked around the area of this partying home of hers and her crew. She would see a woman about five feet seven walking over to her with a plate tray with glasses of fruity drinks just the way she liked them. Her eyes looked into hers deeply as she would bring up her right hand and motion her to come over to her. Her hair was golden and her eyes were of purple as she wore a skimpy-like warrior outfit. 'You should hit her up if you know what I mean.' Aza'zel spoke within her thoughts darkly. She chuckled and smiled in a sadistic way as she then leaned forward, wrapped her fingers upon a glass and took it. ''That will be all.'' she spoke soothingly with a dark demeanor. Taking a sip she would then sigh as she then looked over at her male friends sitting on the couch with her. ''So how have you fools been?'' she wondered curiously. The men tried to guess on who she was talking about till she then cornered her eyes at one and then the other noticing she was talking to both of them.

''Ah shit uh's been great with the quests and all. I'm just glad to finally relax.'' one spoke and then she cornered her eyes at the other. ''Alright, what about you?'' she wondered. ''Me? Just peachy Kari, just fucking peachy. You know some bitch tripped over and spilt stuff all over me and I-'' he started to speak. ''You what?'' she speaks coldly as she glares at him in a cold emotionless way. ''I...'' he was scared at that point as he then looked forward as some blonde walked in. ''Who's that? Kari, you know her?'' he says nudging her on her shoulder. ''Mm?'' she wondered as she then looked forward and smirked, leaning forward she would then rest her elbows on her thigh and rest her chin on her hands, looking at her. ''Nope, but soon will.'' she says and laughs in a sadistic way but quietly. As the people in the party could see that Karisa became rather wishing to see this girl clearly, they moved away as so there was a row for her to walk and she would clearly see Karisa.

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4Party upon the Night [Invite] Empty Re: Party upon the Night [Invite] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 3:01 pm

Party upon the Night [Invite] GS9aA4M

First off, hanging up her coat. Larissa found a coat hanger next to the area with all the couches, and promptly took off her coat, revealing a sleek and sexy black chinese dress showing a good deal of her ample cleavage. There was a big group nearby that not only kept her from seeing much of what was going on there, but also took up most of the seats, forcing Larissa to go the bar first before thinking about where to kick back and enjoy the night, ordering herself a cocktail a straw and a cute little umbrella. Sitting down on the stool, Larissa checked out the hot waitresses and club goers that passed by, letting her eyes linger on the more curvaceous ones. A little feast for the eyes to warm up before the real party...

When she finally turned back to the couches, she saw that some of the people there had dispersed at last; it turned out that it wasn't a single large group but many small ones. Her eyes found their way to a sexy brunette who became visible once there were finally less people around. She looked into the woman's eyes and smiled, not only was she really pretty with the kind of body Larissa would love to get her hands on, but she also sat on the only couch with enough room for her to sit on. Intent on taking two birds with one stone, the blonde stood up from her seat and approached the woman, pointing at the seat next to her with a bright smile:

"Hi there! Mind if I join you?"

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5Party upon the Night [Invite] Empty Re: Party upon the Night [Invite] on Tue Sep 08, 2015 4:44 am

As she leaned forward with one drink in her right hand she would continue looking at this big boobed girl as she would then be noticed by her. She seemed a little bubbly and maybe she was a ditz to not know where she was as in not knowing what place this exactly was. Karisa smirked and grinned in a wicked way as she would see her come her way here and as she got in front of her the guys beside her looked at this woman in a rather hungry way. She wasn't sure on what exactly she should do to keep these hungry wolves off the sheep, but she shall do something. Her hands had gloves with spikes on the knuckles and a metal plate on the top of the hand as she would then throw the glass at the wall. ''I need another. Bring what this girl wishes for as well.'' she ordered as the girls in outfits would scatter to find. Karisa felt like the queen of this place as she felt like she had everything and soon it was time to experience something great and now she has another test subject to do this with. ''Sure sure, come sit.'' she says to the blonde girl as the guys scooted over. Karisa shot glares at them to make sure and to signal to not touch her, yet. ''You're just in time....What's your name?'' Karisa spoke seriously and gave her a serious expression that soonly changed quick as she leaned back and chuckled. This was going to be a good night...indeed it was.

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6Party upon the Night [Invite] Empty Re: Party upon the Night [Invite] on Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:28 pm

Larissa wasn't exactly dumb... It wasn't hard for her to tell how the woman she was approaching seemed to be in charge of the ones around her. She was clearly the alpha among her pack, Lari's intuition would allow her to pick up that much. But then, that only motivated her further: Attractive and powerful? That was certainly her type alright, everyone else would just be too easy to harass and get away with it. Her expression gained a playful hint as she took a seat, not really bothered by all the other guys gawking at the two of them. It wasn't the first time, and it certainly would not be the last. If there was something she was confident in, was her ability to kick away whoever got too frisky... Larissa still had a supremacy on sexual harassment she aimed to keep intact.

"Thanks! I'm Larissa, what about you?", she greeted the girl in a friendly way, sitting casually and leaning back, turning her head to look into the girl's eyes and put her instincts to work. What would she be able to gleam from this obviously powerful woman? First off, her statement was interesting since Larissa didn't think anyone would be expecting her, "Oh? Just in time for what?"

That dominatrix outfit of hers actually made her look pretty sexy and Larissa found her eyes trailing down lingering on her plunging cleavage for a few moments. Being up close only furthered her desire to get her hands in there...

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7Party upon the Night [Invite] Empty Re: Party upon the Night [Invite] on Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:54 am

She smirked as the woman sat by her, seeing the guys move away. Karisa felt rather wondrous on this girl as she then looked at a servant girl. ''Go get my box, be careful with it.'' she ordered the girl with a santa-like outfit. She nodded and went away. Her brown glistening eyes looked into her light sea colored eyes as she would put her right hand fingers through her hair and tilted her head. ''Karisa, nice to meet you, Larissa. Welcome to the Albatraoz house, mine.'' she spoke and chuckled. The servant came back and the box had red blood looking vines around it with a skull in the middle of the front of the box. Grabbing she then sighed as she opened it, revealing skull looking candies. ''We're going to do this. Trust me it's fun.'' she chuckled as she past one down to people and then for herself she gave herself three and Larissa three. ''The more, the funner.'' she says with a evil grin as she then grabbed a pipe looking tool made out of pure metal steel as she had a wood piece at the end to hold. Putting the candies within it she then lit up her fingers and the area finally start to smoke different colors as she then smiled, put her soft lips at the smooth end and sucked on it. Air of smoke with some interesting taste went into her mouth and down her throat spreading through her body as well as her heart. She removed the piece and past it to Larissa as she then blew out smoke making a dragon out of it and coughed a little. ''Mmmm, your turn lady.'' she says as she corners her eyes at her. She never had three doses...this should be fun.

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8Party upon the Night [Invite] Empty Re: Party upon the Night [Invite] on Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:22 am

Karisa ordered off one of the waitresses to go get "her box", and Larissa held back the urge to let out a perverted pun, merely chuckling instead as the girl darted off. She confirmed her suspiciouns by saying this place, called Albatraoz, was actually her property, earning an astonished look from the blonde who looked all around her:

"Oh? So all of this is yours then? Impressive!", she'd then turn her eyes curiously to the box that arrived and from where karisa pulled off some skull shaped candies. They looked like drugs, especially with the way she spoke. Larissa was no stranger to narcotics, and one look at the woman was enough to guess those wouldn't kill her, not after she started smoking them herself, "Oooh, what's that? Looks tasty~!"

Of course, this wasn't meant to eat, but to smoke, despite looking like a candy. Larissa could sense the mischief in Karisa's intent ash she saw her jam one candy into a pipe and lighting it up. Larissa grabbed the pipe and did what she saw the girl do, jamming the three candies inside, holding the mouthpiece between her lips, lighting her Dying Will Flame of the Sky with her ring, and using it to burn the narcotics inside, inhaling with her lungs. She felt the taste flow through her mouth but mostly a burning sensation in her lungs, causing her to cough a lot more than Karisa did... She wasn't used to smoking this stuff after all... Numbed and feeling her head grow heavy from the slap of carbon dioxide, she slumped down on the couch, handing Karisa back her pipe:

"Wow...", she just commented, short on breath to say anything else...

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