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I Don't Like Orcs [Request]

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1I Don't Like Orcs [Request] Empty I Don't Like Orcs [Request] on Sun Sep 06, 2015 3:30 pm

River put her knife back in the pocket which was strapped around her leggings. River said her "good-byes" to Larissa and Eve, and contined on with the rest of her day. She thought of taking on another quest, but she wasn't quite sure yet. That thief request was pretty easy to do, but then again, it was a 3 versus 1 fight. It was Larissa, her, and Eve fighting 1 bandit. It was fun, of course, but it was kind of too easy. You know what, maybe she would do a quest. She could e getting some more Zeny and experince with completing it. But for now, she was going to take a small break.

River stopped by a bar and sat down on a bar stool. She looked at the menu posted on the wall and checked out what he wanted. She decided on going for something a little light on the alcohol. She ordered a mead that wasn't aged. She paid for her drink and started to drink. After finishing her mead, she walked out of the bar. She was on her way to the quest board when she heard a woman shriek. River walked over to her. "What's the matter?" River asked. "T-there's s-smoking orcs in there!" she said alarmed. River frowned. She knew what orcs were like. Where she grew up, there were orc camps littered throughout the forest. There were times when some orcs would stupidly wander into her town and try to attack people. They would receive an arrow straight to the head by our nearby archers who's part of their job was to take care of the orcs. While the orcs weren't necessarily the best fighters, they came in large numbers. Orcs seemed to repopulate at an incredible speed, almost immediately ready to fight. Other then that, orcs were pretty easy to take care of. So, depending on the number of orcs she had to deal with, it could be either really easy, or difficult.

"Okay Miss. I'll help you. How many did you see?" River asked, hoping there wasn't a lot to take care of. "Three." the woman said. Three? That was it? Three orcs shouldn't be too hard to take care of. "I'll take care of them, don't worry." River said. "Just please, be careful!" the woman warned. River just flashed a smile at the woman and walked over to the door to the building. She drew her knife and cautiously opened the door. The orcs heard her. Their beady eyes darted to her.

Ugh, they were as ugly as the ones back home. They smelled just as bad too. "Pak..." one of the orcs said. The two other orcs nodded in agreement. River knew what they were saying. She spoke orcish. She would pretend that she didn't know what they were saying though. "Zajar?" one asked. "Nar." grumbled another. "Inras!" shouted an orc. "Inras!" shouted the rest of them. They all charged at her. River sighed. The orcs thought they were so smart, didn't they? River dashed forwards and slashed twice at one orc, defeating it. These orcs were slow. She could so easily evade their attacks. She slashed twice at another one, defeating it, and did the same for the third one. She put her knife back in her pocket and walked out of the building, completely calm. She walked over to the woman and stated that the orcs have been defeated. The woman looked at her in shock and went to see for herself. She came back and handed River some Zeny.

Word Count: 594/500

I Don't Like Orcs [Request] Rivers14

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