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Fruit! [Request]

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1Fruit! [Request] Empty Fruit! [Request] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 3:39 pm

Today was a new day, filled with even more possibilities for earning some Zeny and experience. She was making great progress to be honest. She was even C-Rank now! In River's opinion, she was doing pretty good. In only 1 day, she had ranked up to C-Rank. That was better then what most people have done, she knew that. She was on her way to becoming a good adventurer and hopefully, the best archer in all of Rune-Midgarts.

River came upon a request having to do with an old lady needing somebody to go and get her some fresh fruits for a fruit pie she wants to make. Hmm, seemed simple enough. River walked over to the lady's address which was listed on the quest. She saw her on crutches. She looked pretty week. She introduced herself and said that she was going to help her get some fruits. The lady gave her a smile and gave her a list on the fruits she wanted and how many she should get of each. She even handed her some Zeny to purchase the fruits with. River set off to get the lady her fruits. Like, 75% of the fruits were located at markets, so those were pretty easy to get. Some of the fruits though, weren't even sold in markets, so she had to go to the specified locations to obtain them. One of them even grew in sea water! She was interested as to how this fruit pie would taste with all this variety of fruits...

River returned to the lady with a basket full of fruits. She said that she could keep the rest of the Zeny she lent her to purchase the fruits with. The lady then thanked River and River said "You're welcome." to her.

Word Count: 298/250

Fruit! [Request] Rivers14

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