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Vedette Sol

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1 Vedette Sol on Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:56 am

Name: Vedette Sol
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 8/23
Gender: female
Special Characteristics: Her nipples are inverted.

Personality: Vedette is a very docile girl, despite her upbringing, or perhaps because of it. She's submissive and friendly, eager to assist anyone with anything that she believes she could accomplish easier than they could, assuming she's asked. She prefers to listen than to speak as she's respectful and honorable to a fault. Vedette has, up until quite recently, been very sheltered and it shows in her very trusting, nonchalant nature. She doesn't typically assume ill of most people and doesn't seem to worry about most things that should concern a young woman.

She usually relies on her instincts, trusting them more so than anything else. Vedette was taught her instincts would likely save her more than any magic or might ever could. Vedette is also a very diplomatic girl, and though she won't yield what she believes is right, she's always ready to talk things over. Vedette's calm and principled, but she doesn't lack enthusiasm, jovially taking part in the things she finds enjoyment in.


Cooking- She has a great love of food, instilled to her from her mother and father. She enjoys eating good food, so why not learn to cook it?

Geography- Vedette has a love of the world, in a quite literal sense. She likes learning about the land around her, as that information has many applications.

Life- Her father taught her that life is nothing to fear, embrace every sunrise with a smile, and sunset with a laugh. Chase the morning until your legs give out beneath you. These lessons stuck with her, and color her sunny disposition.


Liars- There are people in this world who are unwilling to accept themselves and others, and rather than fighting to change the things they do not like, they are content to veil them behind curtains, allowing them to breed complacency at best, and hate at its very worse. These things Vedette feels she can not abide.

Self centered people- Some people are so wrapped up in themselves they fail to see the value in others. For Vedette this is a mistake that needs to be corrected, with force if necessary.

Senseless death- Death is the ultimate end to all things that know life. To find death is to find the end of one's journey. This is natural, and to be expected, but when lives are taken before their just time, that is an insult and a mockery to the cycle of life. These acts are wasteful, and will be punished with the severest of pains.

Motivation: Vedette seeks to explore the world and enjoy everything it has to offer her. She seeks to make many friends and sign them under her banner. Her goal is to spend her time traveling and training so that she will one day be prepared to usurp her place as heir to her father's Kingdom.

Height: 182 cm
Weight: 54.43kg
General Appearance: Vedette stands an impressive 182cm, making her just roughly six feet tall. Her body is fit, athletic, toned and lean, built from almost 10 years of training. She an extraordinarily beautiful young woman, with a large, heavy bust and wide womanly hips, gifts passed to her by her mother. Curiously enough though, she takes more after her father. Inheriting his brilliant crimson hair, shining emerald eyes and larger than average physique. She is rather fair skinned, but tans quite well, and although her body seems to be chiseled from marble, her skin is silky soft, and pleasantly cool to the touch.

History: Born on a beautiful August evening, to the Nomadic King Harrvold and his proud queen Lissia, Vedette was the last to be born in a line of 12 children, born to the wandering warlord and his eternal love. One would be quite wrong in assuming her upbringing was conventional, as Harrvold's only true desire for his children is that they did not grow up to be boring. Much of her infantile years were spent in the mountain stronghold she came to call home where she learned to cook, read, and write. As she reached adolescents, her father would teach her to hunt, skin, ride, and tame animals. She learned basic tactics of war and combat, mostly just common sense essentials, all while exploring the beautiful land around her home. This training took the majority of her life, ending on her most recent birthday, where she turned 18 and finally came of age, much to her patents pride.

She did not grow up with any siblings, as they were either off on their own quests, or dead. Early in life she was told she'd one day success her father, but she was not informed as to how. Reading had taught her that most nobility pass it on to their first born, however she was uncertain if her father, the lovable bear of a man that he was, would be so conventional.

And of course he wasn't, Vedette, as her birthday present, was given a three day head start. To successfully claim her father's position, she would have to kill him. She was shocked of course, and spent her first day with her parents. She would not plead or beg, as she'd never been taught how to do those things. She simply didn't want to leave so soon. Early on the second day, she had a teary farewell with her mother and father as she rode off to embrace her fate.

RP Sample:
Once the desserts had arrived Ryumi quickly took a bite out of hers, almost before the waiter had even put it down.  She eagerly took a bite of the sweet treat and moaned in delight as it touched her tongue. She swallowed the spoonful merrily and turned her head to Marise, who had asked her a question. She gave her a quizzical look, then peered at her ice cream. "Does it? I did not mean for it to. It is just that...  Hmmm..." the redhead paused. Thinking about what to say next. She ate some more if her frozen yogurt as she thought. "When Luna and I were born, our mother died. Thankfully, rather than being put in an orphanage, we were quite special cases. Luna, due to her magic, and me due to my condition." Ryumi said quite plainly, taking another happy bite of her treat.

"I was very ill. I could not be awake for more than a few hours, and those hours were filled with agony and tears, as things like breathing were hard for me to do, yes? Very difficult. The priests said something was missing inside of me. Like I was born without something important. No magic could fix it, but it could keep me alive. So I spent much of my childhood locked away from the world save my sister and a tutor or two who taught me things I might need to know. " she would continue before taking another bite, smiling as she poked at the pink and yellow spirals in her cup. "Then one night a miracle happened! Whatever I was missing found me! The next day I could use magic, just like Luna-nee! I could also breath like a normal person! And run! And skip and jump and shout and swim and cook and play and even fly with the right spell! Oh it was simply wonderful! There was no explanation, I shouldn't have survived, but by some miracle, I was given a chance to live!" she would say excitedly, looking at Marise with the most joyful of expressions.

"I think I was supposed to have an Anna - chan of my own, but I was born without her. Luna has a book and I'm not allowed to read it. Apparently only Anna can let people read it, it's all very intimate. Whenever I'm around her, I feel like... Like I need her... It must sound strange, but imagine if you will an empty class. It needs to be filled, yes? And it will desperately cling to what's supposed to fill it, and it is the same way with Anna. But, now I am a full glass. But I think, I was Anna glass, but rather than getting her, I got dragons instead... They are not as nice, or as pretty, and they are quite mean at times, but please, do not mistake this for complaints. I truly love my magic and the chance it has afforded me! Mimi exclaimed, hugging Marise's arm while still managing to eat her yogurt.

Face Claim: Pyrrah Nikos-RWBY

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