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Linedwell Rainrex

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1 Linedwell Rainrex on Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:35 pm

Name: Linedwell Rainrex
Age: 19
Date of Birth: February 22nd
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics: What stands out most about Linedwell to many people are the tattoos and piercings that now cover a majority of his body, as well as his eyes that are now permanently red and black due to an accident that was magical in nature. He also has a white mask that he carries, with slits that appear in the shape of small X's. While wearing this mask his visibility isn't altered in any way. He uses this mask from time to time in the situation that he needs to be "incognito".

Personality: Linedwell is a complex individual. At times he can be rude and dismissive, but at the same time he can act quite serious and caring. Linedwell has also been known to be very arrogant, yet unknown to others this actually hides a lack of self-confidence that he has in himself. No matter how strong he is in actuality, he always feels as though it isn't enough. This in turn has given him a lust for power, causing him him to continually seek and search out power, trying with all his might to become stronger.  He detests interfering with the lives and ambitions of others but  should they come into conflict with his own desires he will not hesitate to bring an end to whatever impedes him. He lives his life based on his his own wants and desires and nothing else.

Those that he sees as his friends he thinks of as his family and would protect with his life. On the same token, he also finds it hard to trust new individuals. He can be rather oblivious to the feelings of others and can be rather abrasive at times, not taking the cues from others that there is something particularly wrong with how he may be acting at the time. This has led to many fights in Linedwell's young life, but the fact that he relishes battle has never truly caused him to think ill of this quality. Though he enjoys combat, he never truly fights out of anger or hate, and never usually acts out of this emotion. When he is pushed to this point he has a tendency to hold grudges against those responsible for this. Those grudges usually don't end.


Brawls: One thing that Linedwell has always loved were chances to put his abilities to the test against another worthy opponent and pushing his limits in order to break them. Fighting is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal, well, at least to Linedwell. Shying away from a battle isn't something he regularly does.

Tropical Fish: Tropical fish belong to a school of creatures that Linedwell adores. Ever since he was younger and saw some during his travels with his father he's always wanted to have some as pets.

Rabbits: Yet another animal that Linedwell loves, but like each one of these Linedwell will deny it vehemently. When he was younger, his father would tell Linedwell that his mother would often refer to him as her "little bunny" and since then, he's always had a soft spot in his heart for these animals. In some ways having a fondness for these creatures allows Linedwell to feel as though he's a bit closer to his mother.


Ignorance: One thing that Linedwell hates are the opinions of someone who doesn't know anything about the topic at hand. This more than almost anything is sure to get Linedwell annoyed to the point of anger.

Betrayal: Another thing he has never respected is betrayal. Any betrayal whatsoever is something that he dislikes wholeheartedly, and it's something he would never allow himself to commit, no matter his loyalties or the amount of dislike he has for the person he's supposed to betray.

Dishonesty: Even though Linedwell has never thought of himself as a saint one thing he simply cannot tolerate is dishonesty. The act of being dishonest is something that Linedwell feels is a symptom of weakness, and thus Linedwell could never allow himself to lie or deceive another, no matter what the situation.

Motivation: Reclaiming and surpassing the strength that he once wielded before his accident and using this strength to put his family back in the position they were once in centuries ago.

Height: 177 cm
Weight: 57 kg
General Appearance: Linedwell is slowly moving towards the "tall" side and maintains a well built and toned frame. The clothing that Linedwell usually prefers is usually dark in appearance, but also comfortable, allowing him to move in any which way that he needs to during combat. Linedwell typically wears a grey designed tank-top underneath black wrap sweater along with harem designed pants and black sandals. Out of his entire family, he has always been more on the stylish side of things, this mostly coming from his numerous travels around Fiore.  On Linedwell's body there are many remnants of the runes that were once inscribed upon his body after taking up the art of Blood magic. These runes once allowed for Linedwell to activate his blood magic without the use of incantations, but the method used to inscribe them cause a pain that is almost indescribable. Because he no longer is able to make use of this method of casting Blood Magic, he hasn't had use of these runes anymore. This has caused the runes that were inscribed physically in his flesh to slowly begin to heal, only leaving scars as evidence of where they once were. Over a majority of these scars now, tattoos have covered them, so where they were once visible they are now harder to discern. Linedwell has multiple piercings as well as tattoos. These jewelry that he wears as a result of these piercings are made of a material that only appear to be composed of metal, but aren't, yet they are much more valuable.

History: Linedwell was born into a wealthy and once prestigious family that had been well known around Midgarts for centuries. His mother had passed during childbirth and he had been left to be raised by his father. Linedwell's father, Aarne, took the loss hard, but he never once attributed his son's birth to the loss of his wife, and he did his best to raise his son into a man that she would be proud to call her own. The family that Linedwell had been born into had a reputation of being ruthless and valuing power above all else, so much so that they delved into the dark arts of Blood Magic in order to obtain the power that they held. It was a practice that Aarne had always been ashamed of. Not necessarily in the practice of Blood Magic, but in the pursuit of unnecessary power that in turn ended up corrupting all those that went in search of it. It was a path that Aarne had seen his own father go down, and it was a path that he would do all in his power to prevent his son from going down.

Though this was a noble goal, within the realm of Blood magic, power is something that naturally becomes sought after. The Rainrex family had learned this the hard way over 400 years ago when they became subservient to another clan of Blood users, known as the Claret's. Within the doctrines of blood magic, it is stated that the strongest family of blood magic users that exist will be known as rulers within the realm of that power. All others who make use of the ability and are not of said bloodline must become subservient to those that are of the most powerful bloodline. Like it was said before, blood magic and its users respect power above all else. If a family had managed to become the strongest within respect to this magic, then it was obvious that they were the pinnacle of what all blood magic users should aspire to be. It was only natural that others would fall in line behind them.

The Rainrex's had previously been the family that had been thought of as the strongest, and, once rumors had surfaced that claimed the Claret's had thought of them as the betters, a long and bloody feud was waged between the two families, ultimately ending in the near annihilation of the Rainrex bloodline. The Rainrex's were then employed as the personal servants of the Claret family as punishment as well as to send a message to all other families of what could potentially happen to them.

Though Aarne was a man that held great pride in his Rainrex bloodline as well as great mastery in the arts of Blood Magic, he wasn't a man that would hold 400 year old grudges. In his years, he had learned that it was better to live on for the future and not to harbor the hatred of men that had long since died. He had seen his father harbor this hatred, and it had ultimately costed him his life. It was not a path that he wished to go down, and more than anything he needed to be an example to his son. Aarne doted on his son, and Linedwell looked up to his father and loved him, but there was something that his son was able to see that Aarne was not privy to.

All Linedwell could see from his father was inaction, and it was an inaction that he could not understand. While growing up, his father would always train him in the ways of blood magic so that if anything happened he would be prepared to defend himself, even going so far as to inscribe Linedwell with the runes necessary to bypass incantation when making use of blood magic. Linedwell had always seen firsthand just how powerful and skilled his father was, and had always been in awe of his prowess...but this soon caused confusion for the boy. In knowing just how powerful his father was, how could his own father take a knee to those that had slaughtered their family long ago? How could his father serve the people that killed his own father? Why had he not yet taken his magic to these fools and slain them all? Did he carry no shame in bending his knee in such a way? Maybe he had something planned and Linedwell had just not been privy to it? Yes, that had to be it. Linedwell had always began to assume that his father would one day show these fools just how weak they truly were....and that day never came. This slowly but surely instilled a deep seated hatred in Linedwell's heart for the Claret's, as well as disappointment in his father. To see such a strong man be so weak was sickening. Though he would always love his father, he knew he needed to travel down another path. He could never be the same as the man he called his father.

As the years went by things changed within the structure of the Claret family line. The "King and Queen" of the Claret bloodline had perished due to natural causes, and soon the estate as well as the title of the head of the Claret family had been handed over to their daughter, Valasca. She was a woman that was three years older than Linedwell. Valasca and Linedwell had been great friends as children. Valasca never truly had any friends that she could call her own, and as a child, friendships are a way to build social skills. As such, the "King" decreed that Linedwell would be her playmate, something that Linedwell, as a child, was unaware of. He merely thought of Valasca as a friend, and Valasca thought the same of him. As the two grew, they began to drift apart. Valasca was one that still considered Linedwell to be her best friend, yet Linedwell had replaced the friendship that he held in his heart for Valasca with contempt and anger. To Linedwell, she was the cause of all the dishonor and shame that had been placed on his family.

Once Linedwell reached the age of 18, he requested from Valasca that he be released form his bonds of servitude in order explore the world. Linedwell realized over the years that as he was, he'd never be able to match up against Valasca. Though only three years his senior, she had surpassed him leaps and bounds in the art of blood magic, and this infuriated him...but not more than the sight of that Farren "Claret", the boy that Valasca had taken in and had obviously began to groom as her successor within the Claret bloodline...something he was not even a part of. The thought of serving the Claret's was something that had always caused Linedwell's blood to boil, but now the thought of his family serving those that were not even of the Claret bloodline caused an anger that he knew he would not be able control if he were to stay. He decided it was for the best if he left, though he had no intentions of abandoning his father. He'd be back soon enough, and through the use of the power he obtained during his experiences on the outside, he break his father free of the shackles of the Claret's. Valasca agreed to this and wished her friend farewell, yet Linedwell merely left without a word.

During his travels around Midgarts, Linedwell gained quite the reputation as guildless adventurer, taking on jobs that many others couldn't accomplish. His skills as a blood mage also set him a part, being that it had been a magic that many had never seen. It gave him a sort of infamy that also added to his allure, and many people actively began to seek him out to offer him jobs, just out of curiosity. In the Kingdom of Midgarts, Linedwell was now considered S-ranked. Soon enough,Linedwell began to rack up more than just fame and fortune, but also experience and new found mastery over his abilities. So much so that he became arrogant, and his thirst for power began to consume him. This soon boiled over in an attempt to take his powers to new heights. He began to research further into the runes that had been inscribed on his body as a young boy, and began to realize that the power to ascend to higher heights with this magic might be contained in the runes. He began to delve into ways to add, or change the pattern in just how these runes were transcribed. No others had ever dared try this because the understanding in what exactly each individual rune was capable of had been lost, but Linedwell ignored this. Caught up in his own arrogance he began to assume that he would be the one to figure it all out, and this soon all culminated in an accident. This accident left Linedwell completely drained of magical power, and also closed his body off from making use of his runes, causing him to lose the ability to cast blood magic without the use of incantations. Following this accident, his father sent for him and he was transported back to the Claret estate for recovery.

It has been a year since then, and a majority of it has been spent with Linedwell continuing to recover from his injuries. Though he is well now, his magical power and abilities have never returned, and if now scaled compared to other adventurers he would be considered D-class. Though most would be utterly defeated in the face of losing all the progress they have made up to now, this has only strengthened Linedwell's resolve.

RP Sample:

As Linedwell tried to utter this single word, he felt his entire body being wracked with a pain that was almost immeasurable. If he had the ability to, he would have uttered a few curses but given the pain he felt with the utterance of one simple, barely complete word he figured staying quiet might have been his best course of action. He could feel his mind racing and his heart pounding in his chest as he tried to get a handle on what exactly happened. As he rested his head to one side, he opened his eyes  in an attempt to try and get some sort of handle on where his location was. Sadly, the only site he was greeted with was the sight of an entirely flat landscape, and the dirt and vegetation that he could clearly remember being a part of the environment before whatever happened to him occurred seemed to have been replaced what felt like an extremely smooth surface.

While Linedwell tried to piece together what exactly happened on the island, his right hand happened to travel upwards along his body in order to rest on the right side of his abdomen. As soon as his hand reached this position he could feel himself instinctively wince in pain. The pain coupled with the wet, warm feeling denoted the presence of an injury, as well as blood. Though the injury was one that annoyed Linedwell, and he would have preferred not to have, what annoyed him the most was that he couldn't remember what led up to any of this.

All he could remember was that as soon as he and the others in his group accomplished their goal of completing the dungeon something began to occur in the sky. The colors of the sky began to flip and shift, as if someone were flipping a switch. Before he could even speak on the ocurrence to the others, there was an extreme force, of which he couldn't exactly remember. All he could faintly recall was that the force had been enough to send him flying through the jungle of Galuna before he blacked out completely.

Almost instantly, his worry was no longer for himself, but was now directed to the others of this island. He needed to get to Elisabeth. Before he'd set off to take on this dungeon, Elisabeth opted to stay in the village hotel and await his return. With a groan of pain escaping his lips, Linedwell slowly turned himself over onto his stomach. He laid flat for a few moments, attempting to catch his breath after dealing wracking pain all over his body once more, and now he'd have to go through it all over again just to stand. With a few deep breathes, Linedwell steeled himself for the pain he'd feel in a couple of moments. He soon began to push upwards with all of his strength until he was now sitting up on his knees. His left hand moved up to wipe some of the sweat from his brow while his right hand moved from his wound in order to unsheathe Shijin. Once the blade was freed from its confines, Linedwell plunged it deep into the smooth volcanic glass before using it as a "cane" of sorts in order to help him get onto his feet. While doing this, Linedwell activated a few spells in order to supplement himself while in this weakened state. He still wasn't sure about what exactly happened, but for it to cause him this much damage it was obvious the power behind it was great. Though it likely wouldn't do much, he needed to be prepared regardless.

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2 Re: Linedwell Rainrex on Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:24 am

Everything checks out and done perfectally.

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