Come live in the world of Rune-Midgard! Become an adventurer and slay powerful monsters. Become a hero of the world, or a fearsome tyrant. The choice is yours.

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4. Jobs

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1 4. Jobs on Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:54 am

In the world of Ragnarok Online, there are six distinct classes, each with their own strength and weaknesses:

Novice: The initial class. It is the beginning class of adventurers and does not count as an actual class.

    Weapons: Fists, KnivesArmors: Cloth

Swordsman: The swordsman class is the class filled with honor and duty. They hone their skills through discipline and use martial arts in order to fight. However, although they are called swordsmen, these fierce warriors are still capable of other forms of weaponries such as lances and javalins.

    Weapons: 1H Sword, 2H Sword, Spear, DaggerArmors: Light Armor, Heavy Armor

Archer: Wielding a bow and arrow, archers are capable of fighting from a distance. They are extremely good at it, even. They are quick and agile and have keen eyes.

    Weapons: Bow, Crossbow, DaggerArmors: Leather Armor, Tights

Mage: Users of magic. Mages strive for knowledge. Tales have been told of their fearsome magic that can cause cities to burn for seven days and seven nights. They are truly deadly, once they cast their spells.

    Weapons: Rods, StavesArmors: Robes, Cloth Armor

Thief: Extremely versatile, theives do not have much specialization. Their speciality is to survive through any means possible. They have the widest set of skills and are capable of using any and all weapons at their disposal.

    Weapons: All (Except Hammer)Armors: All

Acolyte: The acolyte is the only class that is capable of healing. Devoted to their god, they pray for the fortune of their allies and misfortune of enemies. They are capable of healing large wounds and sometimes miracles can happen with them around.

    Weapons: Fists, Rods, StavesArmors: Cloth Armor, Robe

Merchant: A class of adventurer that seeks to make profits. Their goal in life: To become rich. They will barter and and try to strike a good deal in order to sell their goods for maximum profit. The most experienced ones rarely go on adventures, but rather create valuable items that sell for a good Zeny.

    Weapons: HammerArmors: Light Armor

These classes become available once an adventurer becomes Class C. They are considered the most basic of classes, however. More advanced classes do exist for the more experienced adventurers.

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